2017-10-23 I Did It!! 😃

I’ve been writing for over 30 years. I’ve been meandering happily along the path of life and always choosing something else as my priority. Be that as it may, writing has always been my rock. It’s been my “way out”. It’s been one of the only things that I could truly rely on at every turn. 😃

I’ve always wanted to be brave with my writing and overcome my fears in sharing it with others. In 2010 I made a very big leap of faith and started posting content online to a WordPress blog.


That’s where all the poetry goes. It’s still active, though not as active as I would like. If people ask me for my blog, that’s the one I direct them to but I have several other blogs that I have started for various reasons since then.

I have a blog of not so polished/publish worthy things. This one is super inactive and I have not posted since 2015. It’s supposed to be rough drafts and attempts to use daily prompts and I’ve often found with everything else, I have not had the time for it.


I have a blog that was a journal of my daily life and times for the entire year of 2014. Due to the fact that this was a blog dedicated to just that one year, December 31st, 2014 was the last time I posted to it.


I have a blog of rants and negative thoughts (written in a collective 1st person). The last post on this one was last year.


The interesting thing about tumblr (or at least the theme I use), is that the year isn’t present, so a person has no idea if what they just read was from 2012 or 2017. I think I stopped posting there because I’m wide open for ranting on my Organic Miss SugarCookie blog


Which is, of course, the blog you are reading right now. Somewhat akin to what I did in 2014, but much more.. ummm.. organic. 😉

So I guess you could say that I have become used to posting things online and have certainly gotten over my fear of having other people read what I have written, even if it is only a small handful of people.

What doesn’t make sense then, is why it has taken me so long to open up to the idea of submitting my work for print or other online publications. I am sure fear of rejection has played into it somewhat, but a few days ago I dug a little deeper into this topic and found that my fear of rejection probably stems from fear that my work is worthy and my poetry is mediocre.

At the heart of it, I am wondering if part of my motivation for applying to the MFA program is to somehow get credentials to validate that I am really a writer and that my work will be more worthy because of that. I can certainly say after spending the last few days researching “how to submit poetry”, having a degree shows people you are serious.

Otherwise, I worry that I am just going to come across like a girl with a broken heart who keeps trying at life but often feels like a failure. Will people just see me as a Hallmark card writer with a flair for the melancholy? I hope not. The jury on my MFA application is still out (for the love of Cheese and Crackers what is taking them so long?), but while I am waiting I’ve gathered the courage to officially start submitting my poetry. YES!!

Just a few minutes ago, I finally pushed the submit button on the online submission form for a literary magazine that I really dig, “The Sun”. That’s the one with a call for submissions of poetry with a theme of love and justice. They allow up to five poems per writer and so that is what I have gathered to send.

I wrote three new poems, which was just outstanding and included two others that were “sort of” in line with the theme. It feels like I’ve finally opened a door that I’ve been peeking inside of for years. Immediately after I hit submit, I started to cry. I can’t believe I finally did it.

Obviously if they accept one of my poems, I will be on the tippy-top of the world, but it doesn’t even matter if they do at this point. What matters is that I did it and now that is behind me. The next one should be even easier.

I can’t even begin to imagine what will happen next. If history repeats itself, in another seven years I might just have submitted to hundreds of publications and contests. I may even have been published in a few. I may have my own book and be the one on the other side of those writing workshops. Who knows, anything is possible.

No matter what happens, at least now I can finally say I am following my own advice.. “Today is a Good Day to Start”.

~Miss SugarCookie

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