2017-11-06 Maui Day 8 🚁⛰️

Going out with a bang today. As if everything we have done thus far is not enough, I decided we needed to end on a super high note. Like flawlessly executing that killer line, dropping the mic, and walking off stage.

We had to get up super early today to get to Lahaina for a “presentation” I signed us up for in order to get a discount on said adventure. It is the earliest the kids were awake all week and I figured it would also be a good opportunity to try to start re-adjusting to “our” time zone (but not by much). We sat through an hour and a half of a presentation with a half hour of a sales pitch to follow but it was totally worth it because we got 450 bucks off a helicopter ride over and around West Maui, across the channel to Moloka’i, and then along the cliffs and interior of that island.

What what?!! I have never been in a helicopter before and it was supremely awesome. The kids were able to sit in the front next to the pilot so they had the best view and I was next to two other adults in the back with views out the side doors (doors on). Our pilot was Troy and he made our ride super smooth. He said it was such a calm day he was able to get a lot closer to the cliffs and even go over the top of Moloka’i instead of back around the coast.

I can’t even begin to describe how breathtaking it was. West Maui was cool, and after driving the entire circumference to see Nakalele, getting to see it from 1000 feet up was wicked. However, it paled in comparison to the cliffs on the north side of the adjacent island.

Apparently, eons ago there was a seismic event and half of that island slid into the ocean which left cliff drops up to 3000 feet high. For centuries the weather has been slowly eroding that side of the island and the waterfalls were so impressive. The tallest (I can’t remember the Hawaiian name, but it means “the long shadow”), was taller than the empire state building. It’s hard to get perspective on that. You just can’t see from the top to the bottom easily. Consequently, I couldn’t get a good picture. Not that I didn’t try.. I took a ton of pictures.

The only way to get to see what we saw was by air or sea as the land is not traversable. As such, we were able to experience something that not many people ever get to. Toward the end of the 60 minute excursion he took the chopper up over the high point of the island and it literally felt like we were going to fall off the edge of the earth. Not because we were at a downward facing angle, but because you just could not see beyond the peak until we were over it. As we crossed over to the other side of the island, I broke into tears again. I just could not help it because the whole thing was just overwhelming. Kind of becoming a regular occurrence on this trip. But that’s exactly the way I want it.

I want life to be spectacular. I want to be overcome by emotion and really feel (the good stuff, not the rotten). I want to embrace all of what is out in the world today and live an extraordinary life. I want the same for my children. I want to teach them that they too should strive for a fulfilling life and not settle for anything less. Of course, this trip would never have been possible had I not been working my entire life and saved enough to not worry about spending 600 dollars on a helicopter ride or 200 on renting a convertible or anything else we may have decided to do.

I need them to understand that they have to work smart and make good choices. They need to balance relationships, work, and activities. I’m not even sure this a thing that can be taught, because it’s a lifelong lesson and sometimes you just have to learn from your own experiences. But if I can set a good example, maybe they will have a better chance at getting there. Hopefully this vacation is one good example and the fact that I will be returning home and once again be faced with tough decisions about what to do for work.. what to do to make a living and maintain this lifestyle (of luxury).

Tonight we start traveling at about 7PM and we will not be home until Tuesday at about 5PM. I know there is a time difference, but that is still a long time to be in airports and flying. I’m really not looking forward to it. Hopefully going through the gazillion pictures I took today will help pass the time waiting. 😃

Wale Nui,
~Miss SugarCookie

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