2018-05-09 Wednesday Already?! 😮

It’s been a few days. Life is good. Work so far this week has been busy and that’s awesome. This morning I’ve got a coffee Meetup with a former co-worker and then I’ll be monitoring a go live all day today and testing for a mid-sprint release of the software. We have another go-live next week and it looks like things really are picking up.

Good timeing on all this cuz I’m basically done with school for two months. I plan to just be responsible, get my hours in, and coast a little bit with that pressure off. The balance now will be a shift to working outside.

I bought my first tomato plants and those will go in this weekend and JS and I will also be shopping for annuals. I have a pretty serious annual habit and we’ll see if he gets scared away by the amount of plants I buy.

I’ve got other, more juicy, updates but I’ve got to run so those will have to wait.

Happy Hump Day!

~Miss SugarCookie


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