2018-05-15 Where are My Sunnies? 😎

So I wrote this blog post on Sunday which I realize now I never posted. It was a rant about Mother’s Day. It was kind of a mix of hating on the day for being another one of those made up holidays and an eye roll worthy commentary on my own mother sharing her personal pity party with my little sister because none of her kids make a big deal about it.

Yeah.. that pretty much sums it up and really I don’t need to go deeper on that. I clearly had/have better things to do. I spent the whole weekend with my sweetie and we had a great time. I worked a fair amount during the week and kind of just unplugged and coasted through Saturday and Sunday not thinking about anything but us.

We worked out together, bought annuals for his house and mine. We went to get a new battery for my car and got the RX8 running again. We sat around and watched shows and got the flowers planted at his place and had lots more great conversation. He’s just amazing. It was a great weekend. I’m all 💕💕💕!

Monday I packed up all my stuff and my kitten 🐱 and brought it all back home. Then I spent the whole day working and spending QT with my C for his bday day off of school. I let them take a day off for their birthday every year and yesterday was his day.

We played a board game and he smoked me (Seven Wonders Duel). We had a nice lunch together, hot dogs and pringles (his choice), and then he played some Steam game while I worked a bit. That was a great day too.

I’m on top of the world right now. It feels like my life is changing in a way I can’t quite describe. It’s a new phase and I’m ready and waiting and open and ready to receive. I still have my finger on the pulse of all my “stats” but I’m less worried about everything. It’s a nice feeling to let go of worry and stress about everything.

Today I’m finally getting that new roof that the insurance company approved last fall. Today my summer residency materials are due (school is over but there is always something that needs to get done). Today I’m going to lunch with my mom and will give her her Mother’s Day gift so she’ll be a little less butt-hurt about the day. Today I’ll work a little, work out a little, and get some more flowers planted outside. It’s going to be great and it’s only Tuesday!

The future is so bright I need to make sure I always have my shades close by! 😉 I don’t know where life will take me next but I’m Waving goodbye and blowing kisses on my way.

Time to finish my hour out and get back to it!!


~Miss SugarCookie

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