2018-05-21 Monday Again ☮️💟☯️

Whoa.. the gym is teeming with teenagers this morning. It’s finals week at the HS and this is where they go for their PE final. Luckily, when I walked in my machine was still open. Then I had not one but two dudes come over and talk to me. One was a guy I graduated high school with over in Iowa (small world), the other is a guy named Steve who now regularly strikes up a conversation with me. I think I’m my time here at the gym – about 12 years – I’ve had about 3 guys approach me. Truly that’s all been in the last year and two of the three were named Steve. Ha!

(Not one of them was the Man in Black).

Oh this is funny.. I just realized the other guy I talk to regularly here who was not a stranger because he was Matt’s boss at his old job is named Steven. Too many Steves. 😂

The guy who I went to HS with was a jackass-class-clown who was a troublemaker and always used to pick on me. Now Moms might say the boys do that when they like you, but no no, I don’t think so on this one. That kid was just an ass who got off picking on everyone. Now he’s a police officer. What irony!

Today I’m excited because I’ve got lots of work to do this week and I’m packing up all my stuff and my kitten to head to JS’s house later today. We’re gonna have a great week! Last week was kind of a milestone because we met each other’s kids (plus he met my sister Lindsay). This weekend my mom is having a family get together and so he’ll get to meet other folks too. It will be interesting for sure.

It’s also the opening weekend for “Solo”. I would have gotten tix already but kind of in a holding pattern to see if Brian takes the kids. If he does, then I’ll go with JS, if he doesn’t, then I’ll take the kids. It’s too late now to get good seats on opening weekend, but probably next week when the kids are out if school we can go during the day and not have too much trouble getting a good spot. It would actually be cool if the 4 of us could go together, but that’s a long shot all things considered.

Anyway.. I’ve got a few other things planned this week but I’m not overbooked. I’m really going to try and find a good balance, and for the love of all that is good in the universe, I’m going to try and stick to the diet and exercise regimen.

Ok now, all the Teens are gone and so is the Man in Black. I’ve outlasted everyone today (yeah, took a blog break to watch some morning commontary on the Royal wedding this past weekend). Time to get to work.

Rock out with you yin-and-yang out, ☯️😜

~Miss SugarCookie

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