2018-09-27 Lots Of 💩 Today

Sometimes I’m a chicken shit. It stands to reason because by dad is kind of a chicken shit too. Well, not kind of. He IS a chicken shit. Passive and at times passive aggressive. I would not say I’m passive aggressive, but when it comes to delivering bad news or telling someone no, I will often shy away, delay, and then not be able to find the right words.

Case in point, I haven’t yet told my boss that I’m turning down the next contract. This week my hand is being forced on it. I’m supposed to be interviewed by the client. It feels as though if I go through with that I’m sort of sending the message that I’m committed. Not sort of, it DOES send that message. See what I mean. Being wishie-washie with words is no bueno. I just need to be straight with my boss so he can proceed accordingly. Why is that so tough?

Jim and I talked about at length again last night and he gave me some good approaches to try and I just need to buck up and pull the trigger. That needs to happen today.

In other news, I spent almost my entire day yesterday finishing my 2nd packet for school. That’s done now and I’m turning my attention to the mid-term. Another goddamned form that I can’t open due to a technical issue. Use this browser and make sure you sign in using your school account and you can’t be signed Into anything else. I’m all like “hey, I love technology. Technology is my thing, technology pays my bills. I get these issues but c’mon!!, it’s a bunch of horse shit.”. Fix it! Either fix it or revert back to just using Word. I mean, what are they gaining by using a google form (that won’t work in chrome 🙄)? A few radial buttons? Hey, not rocket science, you can have check boxes in word too. I’m not saying we should not use the technology, I’m saying if we use it, it needs to be fixed. I’m paying a shit ton of money for this education and my time is at a premium right now. I don’t have spare time to deal with broken forms.

Yeah, this is clearly a hot button for me and if I’m this fired up about it after one rotten experience, just think how it’s going to be if this mid-term thing really goes south. I am going to try again later today so tomorrow I’ll either be ballistic or back to cool as a cucumber.

In other news, I’m getting a boost in the nut in my butt today. Apparently the dose they originally gave me was innedective (according to lab tests this week). No wonder I haven’t felt any different. No increase in energy or focus, no increase in libido. Nada. Ain’t that some shit? I’ll be really interested to see if the extra testosterone I’m getting today will be effective. What’s a girl to do?

That’s enough news for today. It’s all just fluff news anyway. You’d be better off watching the kavanaugh shit-show that’s going down right now. 😜

So There,

~Miss SugarCookie

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