2019-01-10 They Can’t All Be Winners Part 2 – Victory Dancing 💃💃💃

Another title .. another spoiler alert. Today’s post is the saucy conclusion to yesterday’s riveting tale about my broken water heater. As one might guess from the dancing, my problem has been resolved.

Since I’m leading with the conclusion, the only thing left to write for this story is the post-climax resolution where all unanswered questions are addressed and things are wrapped and tied with a pretty and satisfying bow. 🌸🎀

What and where and why?.. Well the broken water heater in my basement – yeah and because as a spoiled human I “need” hot water. See yesterday’s post for the details (but don’t bother cuz that’s all you really need to know).

Who fixed it?.. Me, silly. Who else would solve problems that only I care about? Of course in just a few short weeks I’ll be doubling down on that. If my hot water heater goes out in the new place, my new partner in crime will also care so we’ll be living the “two heads are better than one” dream. Yeah, a real, teamwork-makes-the-dream-work reality. 💃❤️🕺🏼

When was it fixed? Last night after dinner with the kids and before going on a 2 hour packing binge. Of course I had god-tier motivation having solved the problem myself with such ease so I got a shit-ton of packing done after that.

And without further ado (the moment you have all been waiting patiently for) – How?.. Gloriously option #1 worked and it took literally less than 5 minutes. Option #1 was the solution I found when I googled the problem for the second time yesterday morning when I was at the gym. I’m so glad I did that (now there’s a serious case for my procrastination working in my favor). The dreaded four blink “code of death” for the gas valve/sensor unit has a quick fix which involves merely following a set of steps with the dial and then “huzzah”, the thing fired right up. 💃💃💃 I had positive confirmation two hours later when my darling daughter inquired about taking a bath and I told her to “go for it”. Low and behold, hot hot water abounds.

The lessons learned, if I might be so bold as to actually pontificate about what one can learn from such an experience, is that…
1. The internet is awesome and you don’t have to be a genius to fix stuff that is broken, even if you are a single-girl such as myself. (This is not really a lesson I learned I guess, because I knew this already). What I DID learn is that the search engine result dates (or the age of the post) probably matters. Look for newer posts as time rolls on, old things become stale and outdated. Those first two options I mentioned yesterday – 2013 and 2016 respectively. The one that worked was from newer posts 2017 and 2018.

2. Honeywell sucks (at least this product anyway). The YouTube vid I found my solution at has 78K views and 1.3K likes. That means that there are at least that many people out there that have run into the same problem. Of course there are millions upon millions of houses in the US which all have water heaters so the number is relative I guess. 78K is still a lot of views for that very specific model and problem.

3. Fixing things yourself and saving money feels amazing!! Makes me feel like singing (lucky for you there is no audio with this blog), makes me feel like dancing. I’m going to hold onto that feeling as long as I can and channel it into more packing tonight.

That’s it for this story folks – all is well that ends well. Until next time.

One-Two, Cha-cha-cha!
~Miss SugarCookie

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