2019-03-07 The Big 17 🎉🎂❤️

As far as important days in my history goes, March 7th is one of the biggest for me. I woke up right around midnight, rolled myself over in bed and my water broke. I was 38 weeks pregnant with my daughter Z and not really expecting to give birth to her that day, but that’s exactly what happened. Shortly after my water broke we calmly collected some essentials, made a few phone calls, and headed for the hospital.

The morning unfolded as one might expect and by about 9:30am I had a sweet 6 pound, 6 ounce baby in my arms. It was an incredible experience and despite the pain, one of the best days of my life.

Now here we are 17 years later and it’s sort of hard to believe so much time has passed. She’s a bright, caring person with so much creative talent and I’m still amazed all the time at how great of a person she has turned out to be. Needless to say, I’m a proud mama and am excited to see how her life will unfold.

We did have a pretty solid plan how today and tomorrow and the weekend would go, but the first wrench was thrown into the works at about 5:45am when I got the call that school has been cancelled, yet again, because of the snow. We were going to go out to breakfast before school but instead, both my kids are still in bed.

Actually Z woke up early and excited and we spent some QT in her room talking before she decided to try and sleep more. The second wrench in our plan is the fact that she is sick right now with congestion and a nasty cough. I gave her some medicine and that might have made her sleepy.

Also, aside from all the bday planning, I have neglected some bday prep and don’t have gifts for her. I know what I’m giving her but procrastinated and thought I would have the whole day today to get my act together. Now that’s out the window. I’m just hoping I’ll have some time this evening to still do that when she is with her dad.

Tomorrow we were planning to take the day off together but considering she’s off school today, that’s not such a good idea. Especially considering spring break is next week and she will not have a chance to make up the missed day(s) until after they return more than a week from now.

It’s days like today that I’m reminded of what is important and to use the time I’ve been given wisely. Not just because my children should always be a priority but also because the time seems to go so fast. In less than 2 years she will be away at college and truly on her own journey. When that happens, I won’t be able to wake up every morning to hugs and idle chat about our day. We won’t have “sleep in” snow days or opportunities to just go to breakfast together. The years have gone by so quick.. I want to savor what I have left.

It makes me sad if I think too much about it and I don’t want to be sad. I just want to take our time and enjoy life as much as possible.

Party Time, 🎈 🎉 ❤️ 💃

~Miss SugarCookie


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