2019-03-10 I Need a Chill Pill 💊

Warning… serious angry girl rant ahead. I mean, it has nothing to do with me being a girl but I am a girl so it is what it is.

I just spent an entire fucking weekend trying to balance the management of my daughters birthday shenanigans AND busting my ass on another work deadline I didn’t even know was a deadline until like Friday.

Friday started out great. I got a little work done and made sure I was all wrapped up with things for this week and prepared for next week with regards to my “dreaded” project. I let go of the fact I didn’t get my hours quota and had my head on straight in regards to the priority being my Quality Time birthday off with my darling daughter Z. ✅✅✅

I went to pick her up at 9AM and we headed for the Dunkin’. That was her choice for breakfast before we went to the 11:30 showing of the new Marvel movie, Captain Marvel. It was really great in my opinion. She thought so too.

Ok.. this slow roll recap is just not cutting it for me. Fast forward to later that afternoon when I get the news that we have a deadline on my “other” project that I was not aware of. Doh!! Basically I was told we missed the deadline (Friday) already and that the customer was not happy. So I spend all week on my “priority” project and nobody cares about that. I have taken the day off to spend with my daughter and nobody cares about that. I have neglected my fiancé and my exercise schedule and nobody cares about that.

So then what do I do? I feel pressure to crank out this deliverable because I’m just the kind of dedicated sucker employers love to take advantage of. On Saturday I struggled for 3 hours on a database connectivity issue which turned out to be an IP address that needed to be whitelisted in a security group in our AWS environment. Yeah, I moved and my IP address changed. Good grief!!! 🙄

Once that was solved I had a hell of a time with the data that I was handed. Instead of setting the stage with rows of raw data in tables that I could join with primary and foreign keys, the developer wrote SQL to pull in the already aggregated data. Into a bunch of rows and columns. I had to spend at least an hour just trying to figure that out. At least. Then we build on that, which I don’t agree with. I don’t think the BI tool we are using was built for that. I mean, we made it work but going forward I think it’s going to make it tough to use other features of the tool as intended.

Anyway, we had 5 teenage girls show up for the party around 2 and then about 4 we went to the escape room. Then back home. Then I went to get the pizza. Then made sure they had everything they needed for watching movies and hanging out. I toggled between working on the stupid project and taking care of party business. Like I said, all the while neglecting Jim and pretty much letting my Son do whatever (the issues with him are a completely different rant and I just can’t even think about that right now).

My evening did not end until midnight and my frustration level with the work effort was high. That continued first thing this morning when I got up shortly after 8 and continued working while everyone slept. I worked all morning and yeah, pretty much all afternoon. The deliverable, which two of us were working on together was passed to the customer around 3pm and my boss pulled the trigger without waiting for the final version so something I spent an hour on wasn’t even included. Grrrrrr.

The customer posted back on the channel right away and didn’t seem that impressed AND he immediately asked for something else. It’s like seeing a light at the end of a tunnel and finding out its just a flashlight and the tunnel goes on for miles and miles.

To top it, somewhere along the way, I heard my boss say on one of our slack calls that the customer is no longer willing to pay for hours spent on “learning curve”. So what… um… what does that mean for me as an hourly employee? What I heard is that I should only “log hours spent on actual work”. I’m sorry, but I’m not an expert in this new tool. I just fucking downloaded it like two weeks ago and have spent most of the time on data prep and not actually using the tool. If they want an expert, they need to find and pay an expert. I can become an expert but it’s gonna take time.

News flash… I don’t have the time. I have several awkward conversations with both my respective bosses ahead of me and I’m honestly not prepared mentally or emotionally for that. I gotta cool my jets and figure out how to be pleasant and diplomatic.

It’s now 5:30 pm and I’m on the treadmill listening to my “angry girl” playlist. Jim has been great as usual, trying to help where he can. Like now.. he’s gone to get dinner for the crew.

On that note, I’ll probably be back later cuz I’ve got unfinished ranting to do but now it’s time to eat.

Now where did I stash those pills? 😜

~Miss SugarCookie


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