2019-04-11 Spain Day 4 – The Restoration 🇪🇸

Today was a day of restoration. According to google the word restoration has two meanings. One is .. the return of a monarch to a throne, a head of state to government, or a regime to power. (We don’t need to do that here in Spain because they already voted for Pedro and it’s all cool). The Second is .. the action of returning something to a former owner, place, or condition. – Yeah that’s the ticket. Today I was restored to my former condition, which is to say that I had some much needed downtime and rest and can go into the conclusion of this little SugarCookie adventure fresh and ready to take it all in.

I had a lovely breakfast in the breakfast area of the hotel which included two macchiatos with sugar. I had a two hour “sesh” in the exercise room with a lovely elliptical machine. I had some time to write and reflect on my trip thus far. And I ventured out solo (not far, just across the street to the Mall. I had sushi at the food court. Yeah, that’s right I came to Barcelona and went to a mall and ordered sushi. Loco in la cabesa!!

I had a fair bit of paranoia being a woman alone wandering about. I’d heard stories of the terrible pickpockets here (which was the least of my worries) and kept my things close in front of me (on my lap). There were so many people at the mall and the tables were crowded close together. It doesn’t make for a very pleasant dining experience.

I was happy to go back to he room of my hotel and write some more and try to nap. All in all, it was a good departure from the tourist life of the past few days.

Jim and I were reunited in the evening for dinner and drinks (back at the mall – which advertised 48 restaurants) and we had more after that with his co-worker in the hotel bar. It was a fairly early night in for us. It seems my daily tank of energy runs out around 9pm here too, despite my efforts to rest and relax.

Tomorrow we will be having another full day of adventure. We’ll be on the move again, leaving the hotel and heading to our AirBnb in Barcelona. We have just a quick four hour stop In-between for a bike tour of the heart of the city. This one was my pick so I hope it’s a good one. It will feel great to be on a bike cruising around.

Peace and Love, 🌍

~Miss SugarCookie


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