2019-11-04 This is Not the Coffee Shop I Was Looking For ☕️

It’s nearly 6PM and I feel like I’ve miles to go today before I sleep. I’ve done everything that this day has required of me and am currently sitting in a coffee shop waiting for the minutes to tick by. I’ve a commitment to meet a co-worker who is in town on business for dinner. The part of me that is starving is super excited about it. The part of me that is exhausted wants to call the whole thing off and go home and sleep. But I guess I am more hungry than I am tired. It’s been about 6 hours since I’ve eaten anything and this too-hot-to-drink chai is not cutting it.

Working backwards like Ben Button… I just came from 2.5 hours in a classroom where I was tasked with leading one of the workshops. It went OK.

Before that I fed the fish, did dishes, and put laundry in the dryer.

Before that I had lunch with Jim (left over frozen pizza and a salad).

Before that I baked some chicken for Jim for lunch.

Before that I prepared for workshop and also printed all the stuff that was due today.

Before that I put laundry in the wash machine.

Before that I cleaned the kitty litter and fed the fish.

Before that I put the groceries away.

Before that I went grocery shopping.

Before that I made Jim breakfast and made sure the kids got to school on time.

Before that I woke up and was incredibly grateful that I slept for 7.5 hours (thanks Xanax).

That’s it so far. Hopefully my dinner will go fast and easy and I will be able to cruse home. But wait!! Plot twist. I still have like an hour of work-work to do tonight which is something I told my boss this weekend I would have plenty of time for. I should be doing that now instead of this but I’m just not wanting to jump into it before I have to skedaddle from this coffee shop which is not the coffee shop I wanted to loiter at while I wait for my dinner date.

Apparently that place closes at 5PM on Monday’s – booo!!

Really that’s it. Really that’s enough isn’t it? (It’s rhetorical, of course).

Peace and Love to All Y’all,

~Miss SugarCookie

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