2019-11-17 Pick a Card – Any Card ♦️ ♥️ ♠️ ♣️

It is Sunday but I probably won’t have sushi. Just hasn’t been in the cards for me lately. It does sound amazing right now, prolly cuz I’m hungry and also cuz 🍣 Sushi is the bomb 💣.

By now you can probably tell I’m not in a writing mood. I’m not really in any sort of mood except for a hungry one. And perhaps cold cuz we just came in from hanging more Christmas 🎄 lights on the house 🏠. I mean 🏰 castle.

We’re not quite done but when you’re hands start to go numb that means it’s time to stop. It’s supposed to be above average temps a few days this week.. possibly 60 degrees on Tuesday and that sounds good to me. Hopefully We can finish the lights that evening before it gets dark. It gets dark so early now.

What else?…


Yesterday was a hell of a day. A real doozie. It started with me waking at 5am. What the hell. Saturday and I can’t even sleep. There’s got to be something wrong with me. I digress.

5:30am and I decide to finish the poetry book that is due to be read by class on Monday. Little did I know the second half of this book is all about this guys divorce, or more specifically the downward spiral of a relationship and a life. Which by itself, I suppose I could handle. But with the pms and.. AND.. the fact that Jim and I have been going through stacks of pictures to put together a slide show for our wedding. Seeing all those pics of my “happy” life, you know years before my marriage went into the toilet, was just emotional.

But wait.. there’s more. At about 8am I decide to visit the birds and feed the fish and found our newest finch upside down and stiff in his water dish. There’s a whole story behind our acquisition of Ringo, needless to say, I’ve been really at an emotional breaking point all week.

So that was the start of my Saturday and the weekend. It has been, thankfully, up-hill since then. I mean, I got through all the picture sorting and will not ever have to do that kind of a sort through again. We have another new bird now, because Zebra Finches are social birds and should always be kept in at least pairs.

I dunno… I don’t really want to write any more and didn’t even intend to start all that but perhaps it is therapeutic to get it out. Or at least start to process. What I think is that I have a whole lot more processing to do and I haven’t completely processed through everything that happened last week.

In any case, it’s time to go check the status of kids and homework. Hopefully I don’t have to crack any whips. I’m really, really not in the mood for that.


~Miss SugarCookie

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