2019-12-24 Party Time 🎄❤️🎄

It’s Christmas Eve ya’ll and we’ve got lots of people to see, stuff to do, and food to eat. All the wrapping and baking and running here and there for last minute errands has finally come to a conclusion and now it’s time to just try to relax and enjoy it all. But we all know that’s a big fat lie! Who can relax at a time like this??!!

Two big family events today at opposite ends and the metro area AND trying to hang out long enough to get into good conversations and games without feeling pressed to rush home to make the casserole to bring to the next thing. Plus.. my sister is in town from Denver and she’s spending the night at my new house and let me just tell you Santa does not feel prepared for that. I mean, everyone gets a stocking in this house (yes, even the cats) so she should too right?!

You know me. I’ve been awake since like 5 and fiddling with this and that and I’m going to probably be dead weight by 5pm but hopefully the adrenaline of the day will keep me going. It probably will.

My mind is all over the freaking map and I think this is going to be it for today. There’s lots more to write about but I’m outta time. Gotta Jam!

Peace and Love,

~Miss ChristmasPinwheelCookie

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