2010-03-08 Super Sunday Status ✅😱🤷‍♀️

What in the world would follow this Epic Week and Super Tuesday but a Super Sunday Status!!

I fell off the Sunday Status wagon many moons ago and now I feel it’s time to put my big girl pants on and get back on it. I mean.. how else am I going to keep tabs on all my goals and plans? I would say “I’ll keep it brief”, but today that’s probably a lie. I’ve got lots to sort out.

Yes.. I finished updating my white board for March and it includes things like doing my taxes and trying to get my son to get his permit at the DMV. It also includes a few milestone dates which are over now (except that March Packet for my MFA).

The anniversary is done. ✅

Z’s birthday is done. ✅

As of yesterday my midterm summaries are done. ✅

Preparations for the Pandemic are done (as good as they will be). ✅

So it’s back to basics for this little cookie. What’s that include?

Exercise— step counts, Jazzercise classes, checking heart rate stats, and hopefully getting outside for fresh air and sunshine.

Sleep— which includes me asking the Universe to let me have 7 solid hours of sleep a night. Solid being a sleep score of 75+ according to my trusty FitBit.

School and the Writing Life— 20+ hours a week reading, writing, revising and getting my Thesis in solid shape. I also have a new weekly goal of submitting at to at least one publication or contest a week. The hours are hard to track but I’m two for two on weekly submissions thus far. 💃💃💃

Work— As it turns out, I’ve been invited to join a new project at my company which will be a variable number of hours as determined by my schedule and how much work there is to do. The first meeting is Monday morning at 8am (how very adult 😱) and I’d like to get 10-20 hours a week but we’ll see how it plays out.

Healthy eating. Ugh really. Do I have goals in this area? I guess the real question here is how detrimental will it be to my psyche when I fail. Like sleep my track record is terrible. At 9am everything seems easy and my motivation and plans are all positive but by 5pm I begin to falter and then by 10 pm I’ve gone off the rails and had ALL THAT AND an entire bag of chips (or like last night almost a whole bottle of wine). Yikes!! 😱

I guess I’m not really checking or writing out my actual stats. I’m just still talking mostly about my goals. But it’s ok. I’m pretty sure looking at my actual stats is going to depress me.


Confession time. I actually started writing this yesterday and things that have transpired in the last 24 hours, for whatever reason, have put me in a sour mood. Not any one thing in particular I think, or perhaps I am just tired. Not sure really but definitely not in the same mood as I was yesterday when I started writing.


Confession time again. It is now several hours later. This is what happens when a person get’s interrupted and is not able to finish a solid thought. Anyway, my mood has changed again, for the better (though still not as good as yesterday) and we are headed into the evening. I rarely write this late in the day at all anymore because my brain fog becomes a real thing.

Perhaps next Sunday I will actually have stats to report. I mean, other than what the outcome is of the Bachelor (which apparently everyone knows somehow yet I am avoiding looking at “google’s suggested news stories” that always pop up on the bottom of my google app home page when I open my phone.

What else can a girl say? 🤷‍♀️ This is not quite the blog post I was looking for.

I guess that’s it for this weekend.

Peace and Love,

~Miss SugarCookie


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