2020-03-13 SugarCookie Shit Series Episode 2: The Friday the 13th Edition 😱

What is it today besides Friday the 13th??

The first day my kids are off school because of the pandemic. 😷

The end of the week and I have not yet my weekly goal for submission. 😦

My thesis manuscript has turned into endless revisions with no light at the end of the tunnel. 😧

My work folks tapping on me has turned into about 20 unexpected hours this week. And for some reason my brain is eating that up like it’s the biggest priority (behind preparing for pandemic panic). 🙄

Yeah.. the Pandemic. You remember when I wrote about wanting to go back to the grocery store? Today I got permission to do that. This time to stock up on refrigerated goods. I swear we are good for a month now. In case things shut down like they have in Italy.

Though Jim tells me this morning that the grocery stores are open there. I suppose it’s less about them being open as it is supply and demand. Walmart had zero TP! Of all the things that’s what runs out? Not bottled water, not milk or eggs, or meat (though some of the shelves were looking a little lacking).

Nope… it’s TP. 😜

We’re all good here as far as that is concerned and I feel like sitting the teenagers down and saying “don’t think about how many squares you want. Think about how many you NEED!” 🤣

We’re so spoiled. Jim and I talked last night about how it might be good for people to go without some of the luxury and wants they are just used to being available. I even thought about hiding our food stores more discretely so they can deal when their cheez-its or bags of their favorite cheese, or soda runs out.

What kind of chaos riot would it create here if only frozen and canned vegetables were left. You get what you get and don’t throw a fit!

Imagine living on those rations for a while…. time passes. You open a can of canned chicken or tuna. It’s delicious. People can get used to that. It’s just fuel after all.

Now imagine living that way for a couple of months or more. Serious dystopian daydreams here. Then one day Mom emerges from the depths of the basement and produces a box of cheez-its?

It would be total mayhem and we would probably have to start counting our equal portions of tingly little deliciously cheesy squares into piles. Of course parents get a larger share. “Two for me, one for you and you and you and you.” 😜

Maybe I’m in a good mood because I got to leave the house today. I might be an introvert but people still need people. And I’m kind of a busy-body that like to meet up with people. It’s my jam you know and this whole pandemic is cramping my style.

Still, it hasn’t forced me to tackle all my piles of shit yet. My arch nemesis (aka paper mail) is spread across my office floor. I went to retrieve it out of my closet yesterday, where it was hiding and growing in a neat little pile. I went to pick it up and it fell out of my arms and all over the floor. It’s still there.

I basically looked at it and put my hand up and said “not today.” (That was like Monday). Calendar check— it’s Friday. I’ve worked all week staring down at it and still, STILL I refuse to get down on my knees and sort it out. I know what comes after. Taxes. Yuk!!’ Talk about Friday the 13th!!!!

I suppose that’s enough twists and turns for today.

I just want you all to know.. As things get really crazy out there, I’ll be here, quarantined in my sanctuary, typing away. Unless the internet goes down or the power gets shut off, I’ll be faithfully writing and posting all about the nonsense in my head. Isn’t that comforting?

It is for me at least.

It’s a mad mad mad mad world..

Stay safe!

~Miss SugarCookie

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