2020-03-16 SugarCookie Shit Series Episode 4: Let’s Party ☘️ 💻 ☘️🍷☘️

Today started the same as any other. We get up, make breakfast, and Jim leaves for work. The kids are on spring break which means they get to sleep in. I dial in for my 8am work meeting and prepare for a day of project requirement and deliverable discussions. It’s all going to be just fine. Right?!

Hey, y’all!! Tomorrow is St. Patty’s Day. I just got the pop up notification on my phone. What I think the real focus today will be to not get to wrapped up in chaos and also make some fun plans. This is what I’m proposing… a Zoom party. That’s right, people dialing into a meeting dedicated for face to face chatting and remote socialization (drinking is optional, but you better bet I’ll be tipping back some Jam Jar).

A co-worker of mine posted a news story to our work chat channel about this phenomenon last week. And what better time is there for that than St. Patrick’s Day??! ☘️💚☘️

I mean, we have the internet, and laptops and phones with cameras. And my Zoom account has just been beefed up to support longer meetings. Let’s see what it can do! 😜

Just so ya’ll know. I just decided to do this for real just now. I have 45 more minutes to walk and write but all I wanna do is get back up to my office so I can start setting this up for real. It’s gonna be amazing. And that’s not just the caffeine talking.

If you are reading this and want an invite to the virtual SugarCookie St. Patrick’s day bash, post a comment or send me a message. For realz!

Ok.. onto other stuff..

It’s a new week and things are getting crazy out there but I’ve got lots of normal stuff that just has to get done. I work remotely and go to school remotely so I’m used to being at home with my butt in a chair and I still have to do all my house chores.

I’ve got taxes to do, a thesis to write, and people and animals to care for. Speaking of animals, it’s migration season and so this is the time of year we get one or two special visitors. Yesterday we had a pair of ducks in the back yard. I actually took a picture that had the ducks, and a squirrel and a cardinal in the same frame. If there’s anything to remind a person that life is a wonder, that’s it.

I think I’m gonna cut this short today. I suppose I can walk more later but I’m anxious to get to work. And by work I mean party planning. 😉

Washing Hands Regularly,

~Miss SugarCookie


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