2020-08-05 What’s Behind Door Number 3?… 🚪

Now that my PM is back I’m seriously thinking about the exit strategy. Reducing my hours back to reasonable levels starting now and figuring out the best time to turn in my notice. It’s kinda scary. That safety net being gone, you know. After being self-reliant for so many years it feels like a crazy circus act letting go of that rope.

And for my next trick, I swallow fire.

Anyhow. That’s enough of that already.

So what is next? I’m asking myself as much as I’m asking anyone else or the universe or these cats that follow me all day from room to room.

“Kayla,” I say, “what do we do now?”

“Doug. Where do we go?”

“Emma. Is it ok too ok go back to bed and get some more sleep?”

Will that be a thing. Maybe there will be naps. Maybe I’ll spend my days with plumbers and electricians and auto mechanics because of this house and it’s groaning pains our growing collection of vehicles.

After all that will there be any time left in the days to actually enjoy it? The truth of that remains to be seen.

True confession time. I don’t think I have it in me to do this Tuesday thing. I don’t wanna work or do grocery shopping or take the trash out or wash the towels. And you know it’s bad when you’re not even looking forward to tacos.

I don’t even want to be on this treadmill right now. My heart isn’t in it and I don’t want it for a minute. I need a better reason to write this love song today.

(Oh yeah, just listened to that song by Sara Bareilles)

I need to find motivation to do some things I’ve been procrastinating. Imagine that!!

Really. There’s nothing beyond that. I’m just gonna cut it there and bathe myself in ‘Find the River’ by R.E.M.

~Miss SugarCookie

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