2020-09-16 Kittens of the Castle 🐱🏰

Starting late again today and short on time. I had Better sleep last night as Jim forced me to keep the cats out of the bedroom, for my own good. The two bigger cats, Doug and Kayla are both visibly upset by the newest member of our household.. Gus 🐱

Doug is clearly stress eating and has gained some weight. He seems sad.. if it’s possible to tell that a cat is sad. He’s lost the spring in his step and won’t chase treats like he was before.

Kayla has this look of disgust in her eyes and every time we let Gus into the living room she stalks him and tries to swat at him. The living room is her domain. She’s not being as maternal and mother-kittenly as we had hoped.

Emma is a different story altogether. She never comes out of the bedroom she lives in upstairs. We have that door set so she can get in and out but the other cats can’t get in (she is about half their size). That room is her sanctuary. They can’t use her litter box or eat her food.

Still, she’s decided to also be upset and let’s us know by peeing on the carpet. That’s a big problem that we have not figured out how to solve. One damn thing at a time I suppose.

The priority in the last week or two was to try and get shit fixed around the house. I mean.. the list had gotten ridiculous and enough is enough.

Included in the repairs: A broken refrigerator and freezer in our kitchen, a broken range top where none of the burners would fire, an AC that went out and accompanying furnace that also needed replaced, plumbing that needed snaked out all the way out to the main, broken toilet, leaking sink, a second sink which doesn’t get cold water unless you run it solid for 10 minutes. There’s more. But that’s enough. Don’t you think?

It’s amazing what people are willing to live with and for how long. I’ve been showering in my daughters bathroom upstairs for about 9 months now because the water in our master has one temp that is too hot for me. Some plumbing issue that won’t be fixed without tearing out the shower wall and that’s another thing that just has to wait.

How is it I started writing about the cats and ended up lamenting about all the broken things in this beautiful castle? I mean, it is beautiful. It’s just big and kind of a maintenance nightmare. I don’t want to come across as “poor me”, because seriously.. how many people get to live like this? It’s really amazing. When shit ain’t broke. 😜

That’s all I have time for today. I think I’ve decided to let Doug back into the office for my workday today. Hopefully he will perk up if he has his spot at the end of the bed behind me back. See.. I totally had to quit my job so I could be a better cat mama!!

11 more efffing days to go. Today I’m planning on a minimal work day. But I’ve said that before and always seem to get roped into more and more. We’ll see.

Peace Ya’ll,

~Miss SugarCookie

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