2020-12-09 Random Sign from the Universe?… 🅾️🔀⚛️

I pulled the day behind me yesterday as I tried to get all the things done. But it was just a screen built to protect me from the rampant procrastination coursing my Veins. Arteries too. Today, I think, will be more of the same. I need a serious check-it-before-you-wreck-it plan. Emails piling up, bills piling up, honey-please-do items piling up.

But the Universe love it, the dishes are done. The groceries bought and meals are ready to be prepared.

I promised my dad I’d go over again today for another walk. Why did I do that? Cuz it’s the right thing to do I suppose, but it’s gonna eat a chunk of my day.

The good news is that it’s gonna be 60 out today, reportedly. It’s 46 already and only 10AM. Should be above 55 by noon. Sounds amazing.

He said he wanted to go for a bike ride today but my bike is seriously out of commission after the last outing when I got a flat and had to walk it all the way through whatever nature park we were at. Plus the bike rack is already off the hitch for the season.

I need to get the steps anyhow. Yesterday was dismal. Well, not dismal.. just not on par with my norm.

Oh.. hey. Almost forgot I got the strangest email yesterday. Some guy in Cali who Apparently came across one of my poems while researching a topic and wanted to get my take on this topic. Looking for a definitive definition of the Promethean Gap. His email opened with “this is probably the strangest email you’re going to get for a while.” And it was.

Clearly he found my poem because it was posted on a site called Prometheus Dreaming and the name of the poem is called Mining the Gap. Oh the power and flaw of the Googles. He also said someone told him once, when in doubt ask a poet. (Or something like that.) I’m flattered of course, that someone— a complete stranger— would consider me a poet. Right on!

Honestly the first thing I did after reading that email was also google the keywords but didn’t get very far because it was also time to cook dinner when I opened his email.

I have a feeling that it’s a rabbit hole if I bite on that today so not sure it’s a good idea but my interest is definitely piqued.

It could be a sign from the Universe.. you know, you gotta be open to these things. It could be important. My response back to this person will likely be disappointing for them, but whatever. When you ask a poet, you get what you get. 😜

I dunno much else. Hope Ya’ll have a happy hump day.

~Miss SugarCookie

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