2020-12-14 Never 🚫 Ever 🚫 Use Evernote 🚫 Ever!!🚫

No no no no no NO NO NO!!

I’ve just lost an hour of writing due to a glitch in the Evernote app so this is the LAST note I will ever type using it. Last time this happened, I vowed that if it ever happened again, I was done. I’m so mad I could just scream. 

“Mad as Hell and I’m NOT going to take it anymore!!!”

I’ll never get that hour of my life back or that writing. Never Ever Ever Ever use Evernote Ever. Ugh!! Where do I un-sign?

And now I have to figure out how to export 10 years of notes AND find a suitable home for them AND figure out what to use now.) I just don’t have time for this garbage!! I hate you Evernote!!!

~Miss SugarCookie

PS. I’m open to suggestions for better writing and note archival solutions.

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