2021-01-11 Happy Dance Monday… 💃💃💃

Alternatively.. Self proclaimed introvert looks forward to a few hours of alone time. 

I’ll admit it, this weekend my spirits were up a little and part of that has to do with knowing that Monday held the promise of some time I would have all to myself. 

Now it’s here. Everyone is at work or school and I’ve taken care of many of my daily chores already. I’ve got several things on my to-do list but can cruise through the morning all easy-peasy getting through the tasks nice and leisurely. 

I’m just hoping my energy holds. Today is day 1 dedicating some time to meditation. My goal is to learn and come to a deeper understanding and also to hopefully improve my mental status. And not just be relaxed and fall asleep, which has happened in the past. But I admittedly was not doing it right. I might also do some generous stretching or yoga poses before or after. In any case, if I spend 15 minutes on the primary task at hand, I’m calling it a success. 

I’ve also got to call UNL about my daughters housing situation which I’m not looking forward to. She’s still a freshman there and enrolled in classes for the spring semester but not housing. The university has a rule that all freshmen must either be on campus or very close to campus. This rule is pretty much ridiculous in a pandemic, and her first semester in the dorm was a joke. and I’m not going to shell out another $7000 for a tiny dorm room when she’s not going to meet any people or have any legitimate college experience that is typical for dorm life.

I also need to keep working through my GLR to do list. I’ve got email follow ups and the communication is often something I procrastinate. I don’t know why.. it’s so easy and I can basically field emails from my couch, but I just put it off. Whatever. 

I’m going to finish cleaning my closet today too. I started last week pulling everything out and cleaning. Now all the laundry is done and it all needs to go back in place, minus the clothes and items I’m getting rid of. 

Welp.. It feels like I’m just writing long-worded explanations of tasks on my to-do list and nobody is interested in that. I might have a desire to blog but ain’t nobody got time for this particular brand of bronchitis.

I’m gonna finish my walk with electric lit, Paris review, poem-a-day, and anything else at the top of my inbox that’s not “adulting” related. Hopefully I’ll find something worth a flip.

Cha-Cha, Mamba, Salsa, More Please,

~Miss SugarCookie 


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