2021-02-16 A Good Day to Hide Inside and Under Blankets! ❄️ 🥶 💙

Different day, same story. Efffffing cold! School is cancelled and there’s rolling blackouts planned in the city to control power consumption. This beast of a house has its hot and cold spots and some pipes on the northwest side are at risk of freezing. Other duties as assigned for me today include keeping the water moving and taxi again as we still have a vehicle that’s stranded at Jim’s office and won’t start. 

The hot spot in the house is strangely the basement and I swear if the rest of the house gets cold, we can camp out there and stay toasty warm. 

Something about this cold just makes me want to climb under a blanket and watch TV and have coffee and snacks. As always though, I gotta get my steps in first. Yesterday, late I had a burst of energy and got a second set in which makes up for the day before when I was not feeling well and was seriously short of my goal. The plan today is to get back in the 10 k a day train. We’ll see. 

I’m really kind of in the mood to work on revisions today. I’m still holding steady at 64 open subs but think if there’s some good / free options I’d like to boost that number. I swear this is not to procrastinate stuff that needs doing for the lit mag. I’m done with declines for now and have more reading to do, but I’m not in the mood for that. I feel like being selfish. I feel like working on my own stuff. 

I mean, once I get my chores done that is. That includes taking the trash out. Did I mention it was cold out??!! Did I mention that I’m not excited about being outside at all for any reason? Yesterday’s grocery trip was so rapid fire, I missed some stuff and not not not excited about the prospect of going back today. Can’t we just shut the shit down and do nothing until the temp climbs back to positive digits? 

According to my weather app, that’s gonna be tomorrow. I think it’s personally reasonable to ask the Universe for a day off. Right??!! 

I might have to cut and run now.  Still not back to 100% after being sick this past weekend and my energy seems to have drained already. Hopefully I can get more steps later after I get some couch time. 🤷‍♀️

Stay Warm,

~Miss SugarCookie


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