2021-02-22 Ready, Set, Rewind… 🕹🕹🕹

Today I’m transitioning my moves to match more of how life was in 2006. That’s right, it’s really happening. It’s definitely a transition infused with little moments of awareness. I’m thinking about the behaviors and technologies I use on a regular basis. It’s one thing to say “I’m going to try this experiment for one week where I disconnect from life in 2021 and channel my inner 2006.” And another altogether to actually try and live that way. 

What I’m saying is that the word transition is completely appropriate. I don’t think I’ll even realize the full extent of what I’m proposing it until I belong to embrace the differences. 

There have already been at least 3 instances this morning that I deviated, both consciously and subconsciously from the “plan.” Typing this is on my phone is #4 and obvi a conscious decision. 

The others were as follows: 

#1. Checking my phone email and sleep stats as soon as I woke up. I did it automatically without thinking. I suppose this is because it’s such an ingrained habit that it’s just natural. After I did that, I realized it and decided I need to keep my phone elsewhere overnight. 

I mean, in reality, I still need my phone in case of emergencies just like in 2006. I’m just trying not to be tethered to it so much and am interested in what apps I miss. Which ones make my life easier versus just being a distraction or time suck. 

#2. I felt compelled to check my phone when a text came in and also felt it necessary to respond to said text right away. This one was more of a conscious choice. My wrist buzzed (my FitBit connects to my phone via Bluetooth) and when I saw who it was from I just could not help myself. It’s one of those things that could probably have waited. Not an emergency by any stretch, but ugh.. so easy to just respond and nip it right there. Done done. 

This is probably a fence and I’ll have to decide which side I’m on. Would it be better to resist checking the phone or responding immediately or would it just drive me bonkers wondering what it was. For sure knowing who it was from would be good. If it’s the kids or Jim, then I would react differently than other folks. Certainly this particular person doesn’t need an immediate reply. 

I suppose it also brings up the question of whether or not getting that notification on my wrist is good or not. I a way it allows me to leave the phone wherever and not tempted to be on it. In another way it’s just the “immediacy” I’d need, the interruption pulling me away from whatever it is I’m working on. Mite thinking about this will be needed. 

#3. While making breakfast this morning I asked Alexa what the news was. This is another one of those learned behaviors. In the morning when I’m alone in the kitchen cooking or doing dishes I ask Alexa to tell me what’s going on in the world. 

This is definitely not something that would happen in 2006. Alexa hadn’t been invented yet (I’m fairly certain). I would say that the tech in this case definitely improves my life by making it easier for me to get the news and add things to my grocery list. Aside from the speaker capabilities, those are the two uses I’ve found the most helpful. 

Which leads to this… #4.. Typing my thoughts on my phone. Also super convenient but not necessary. I could just as easily read a book or something while walking on the treadmill. But it’s gonna be tough to give up my best multitasking opportunity of the day. If there’s one thing I’ve learned these past thousand days blogging, it’s that it definitely adds value to my life. 

For THIS.. there might have to be an exception to the rules. But let’s be real. There are no rules. It’s my game and I’m making it up as I go along. 😜

That’s gonna be it today. We’ll see how the rest of this day goes. 


~Miss SugarCookie

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