2021-05-04 The Smithsonian Called. They Want My Phone… ☎️🤣

May the fourth be with you and with me too. ✌️💜🥝

Dear Diary.. I’m doing ok today. I know you wanted to know that. 

Dear Diary.. Yesterday was garbage but it’s in the past now so there’s no use lamenting further. So don’t ask. 

Dear Diary.. Don’t you think we all need to be reminded how important we are, what a good job we are doing, and be given encouragement to keep up the good work? I do too. 

Dear Diary.. Despite the grief between us lately, you’re still aces in my book and I’m glad we’re friends. Thanks for bearing with me through all my Melancholy nonsense—every silly bout with PMS, evey rant, and every otherwise meaningless meandering of my mind. 

Today my time has all been spoken for and I’m ok with that. In a way, needing to drive to Council Bluffs to help my mom releases me mentally from the long to-do list of other things I won’t be able to get done. I’m just letting it all go until tomorrow. 

I’m actually planning on leaving about 9:30 so all I have time for is a little walking, writing, and cardio before I get myself ready to head out the door. I’ve had some caffeine and am waiting for that to kick in a little. It’s not helping in the same way it used to. I think my body is too used to it. 

What else dear Diary, do I have to say? Nothing important certainly. 

There is one tiny thing.. which is proving to be a challenge today. The slightly different dimensions of my new phone. That right, dear Diary.. I’ve finally been persuaded to get a new, larger phone. 

I May have mentioned a time or two before how my iPhone SE was my BAE and I would never part with it as long there was life left in us both. I’ve had that phone for a long, long time and was reluctant to give it up because of the way it was perfect for me. 

The size fit perfectly in my small hands, the Bluetooth pairing was more aggressive than any other shiny new device so I beat everyone to that punch, and the battery life was still the bomb after all these years. I basically told my husband that he should never make me choose between him and my BAE because he might not like the outcome. 

He never did. He let me come to my own conclusion. And that was that it was just time. I mean, I could have made that device last for several more years, I’m sure if it, but between the space concerns, the inferior camera, and little glitchy things occurring with the apps and OS, it was just time. 

So today I’m typing on the larger screen of a purple iPhone 12 Mini. Really I think I was just waiting for Apple to realize there’s enough of a market of people wanting smaller devices to produce one with all the other bells and whistles of their larger phones. I could have gone with the next gen SE, but I wanted the better camera. And WOWZA is it ever better!! 

I’m excited to drive out to see the sunset with my new BAE. 

I’m currently operating two devices as I didn’t want to transfer all my apps, data, and settings. I wanted to start fresh and set things up manually to have a clean start. Only use what I need and simplify my life. I haven’t yet loaded my music library (yes I still have my own library and do not use a streaming service… baby steps, dear Diary, baby steps). 

I do need to complete the switch this week though as I’m expecting a call from the Smithsonian any minute requesting I send my beautiful SE first gen for their “old tech” display. 😜

Enough of that noise, dear Diary. I need to get my 20 minutes of cardio in so I can get this Tuesday show on the road. 

With peace and love, 

~Miss SugarCookie

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