2021-07-24 California Adventure Day 2: Weathering the Weather 🌁

We woke up with a grey cloud hanging above us. It showed up the day before and seemed determined to alter the course of our time here in San Fran; determined to take over whatever plan we might have had and squash it. We both felt it and though she shrugged when we were discussing what to do, I said “I just want you to have a good time.” 

Z said “I know.” And so we aimed to get some resolution in order to let go of the phone incident and actually DO something in the city we had been in for two days. This meant sacrificing over an hour in the morning on the phone with our phone carrier (who is terrible and shall not be named) going round and round their automated phone system just to speak to a person who could not connect the dots to help. I was, after some pain, able to get my name and address changed so that we could file a claim and initiate the claim process. 

We then sacrificed our selected brunch location in order to keep our appointment at the Apple store at the Stonestown Galleria mall. We ended up having brunch at a little hole-in-the-wall place close to our AirBnB that Z selected based on the picture she found when googling for breakfast places. It was called Fog City Cafe and Z absolutely loved her french toast. Our subsequent trip to Apple was a success and that’s when the gloom began to clear and the sun revealed. 

After that we proceeded to hit all the tourist highlights that she was interested in. We went to Chinatown (which she was not interested in but we happened to park and walk from there) and Pier 39. We wandered around the Pier and saw exactly 6 sea lions on the docks. I guess it’s mating season and they are all away doing that procreation thing that animals do. 

We had lunch at the Wipeout Grill which was OK followed by an Uber ride back to the car as Z was NOT interested in walking 30 minutes back to the car. I think it was good for her to experience walking the hills of the city, just to know what that’s like. She did not agree. 

The rest of the afternoon was spent driving to the tourist locations of interest which included Lombard street, the Painted Ladies, the Dragon Gate (and through Chinatown again) and then across the Golden Gate Bridge. Interestingly, despite the figurative dark cloud hanging over our day, it had been a bright and sunny day in the city up to that point. But as we drove that last little stretch, the sky turned dark again and by the time we got to the bridge it was so shrouded in dense fog, you could not even see it. It was eerie. 

We stopped at a lookout on the opposite side and got out to take a few snaps. It was very windy and cold and we did not stay long. After that we drove straight back to our AirBnb and had a pretty chill evening. We went to Target, had popcorn and a glass of wine, did our nails, and watched Master Chef. 

In a way, it did not matter that we had to alter our plans because no matter what we were doing, we were together and that’s what counted. I wanted Z to learn from this experience but I think I learned just as much. The day turned out fine despite the obstacles and we had a good time. I had said that was all I really wanted and that’s what I got. 

Peace and Love in Sunshine and Rain,
~Miss SugarCookie

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