2021-10-02 A Fresh Start for Fall 🍁

A new month has been born and with it we enjoy the most ironic season of all; when juxtaposition reigns supreme. 

The weather gets cooler yet we become cozy and warm as we gather around fires, sip hot drinks, and swap our summer wardrobes with sweaters, boots, and hats.

It’s the season where the nights become longer than the days and creepy, spooky things emerge from the darkness. We get caught up in scary stories, delight in the jump-scare, and celebrate by knocking on doors for candy. How strange and wonderful!

The farmers markets start to thin and we have to mentally prepare for what we all know is coming. We curse those who speak of the next season, especially those who say that four letter dirty word that starts with “S.”

“A pox on your house!” I say!

Even the spiders know what’s coming and scurry to find ways to get inside.

Yeah. That’s how I know. I’ve seen so many spiders in my house in the past few weeks and I know they are looking for good nooks to bed down for the winter. And believe me, this damn castle I live in has plenty of hiding spaces. Too many. 

The last few days I’ve been stepping on my own last nerve and it culminated in my husband and I getting into a fight on what was supposed to be a fun Friday night trip to Walmart. 

Well, we don’t really fight. It’s kind of like I get into a mood and start acting like a grump, criticizing his behaviors. I know when I’m being that way but I’m really just acting out so he’ll let me open up and tell him what’s wrong. After that, I apologize and he says he’s sorry too and we continue on. They are the most boring “fights” ever.

I know myself. I know I need certain things and if I don’t get them, it’s tough for me to pull myself out of a mood. Sometimes there’s nothing that can be said or done. Sometimes it’s just circumstance and I have to get over it, get to bedtime, and treat the next day as a new day and fresh start.

This week was a challenge. The primary things I need are alone time and exercise and I wasn’t getting either. I just like to be alone long enough to think through how I’m feeling. Yes, it also helps to talk with other people, but I maybe take more time than other people to process.

Jim bought me a workout tee for my birthday that says “hold on while I overthink this.” Spot on! 

Anyway, my mom was discharged from the hospital on Thursday and neither my sister nor I were prepared. Someone needs to be with her 24/7 for a little bit and we had to scramble to figure out coverage. I ended up spending the night on Thursday and by the time I left on Friday I was spent. That’s probably when my bad mood really took hold. 

I didn’t hit my step quota this week and I’ve barely had time to watch any trash Tv. 😜 No wonder I’m a grump! 

But… It’s a new day AND a new month and I’m ready to embrace sweaters, early sunsets, and being amused by the cats toying with the newest residents of our castle. 🐱🕷🐱🕷🐱🕷🐱

Today I’m going to get my steps AND have some quality “me” time before diving into being the good daughter, wife, sister, mother, and friend again.

That includes writing this blog and maybe going for a bit of a jog while I watch master chef. 

With that, I bid thee adieu, 

~Miss SugarCookie

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