2021-10-12 Stopping to Smell the Hibiscus 🌺

I often spend too much time worrying about not being productive enough. Always pushing myself into the next thing, and the next and next. Never stopping to savor the success of what I did yesterday or last week or last year. 

In 2020 I received my MFA in Writing from the University of Nebraska and after, there wasn’t an ounce of celebration or rest. The focus had already shifted to the next endeavors, striking while the iron was hot. 

I launched the lit mag and began submitting my own writing like a mad woman to other publications. I spent so many hours researching, revising, and strategizing. And when I had my first successes I didn’t savor or celebrate them. In most of those cases, I didn’t even tell anyone. 

Maybe I mentioned it to Jim, but the excitement of each acceptance faded almost as quick as the sting I felt with each rejection. And I sure as hell didn’t post about it on social media. The Universe knows that’s not me. 

Actually, I think I may have once or twice and to be honest, I didn’t like the way that made me feel. It felt boastful and self-congratulatory. I know it’s like standard practice, but ugh!! I just hate social media. Seriously….. don’t get me started. 

But I’ve swallowed that lump recently and am trying to embrace the power of social media in the self-promotion game. In a little over a month I have my first book coming out. It’s probably the biggest personal accomplishment of my life, aside from raising two amazing kids. I poured my heart and soul into that book and I want to celebrate it. I also want to get some recognition for my efforts. I think that’s natural. 

Anyway, I started a few weeks ago with a few posts and the intent to post with more regularity on Facebook, instagram, and Twitter. So far it’s mostly just pictures with tag lines as little glimpses into my personal life but my hope is to also begin sharing with more regularity, the successes I’m having with my writing. Like today! 

Today I have a new poem titled “Still Life at Hefflinger Park” that’s been released by The Closed Eye Open in their “Maya’s Micros” section which features several brief pieces once or twice a month. With this one, I’m totally going to pause and take time to enjoy it and treat myself (with a hot vanilla latte or perhaps a pedicure) AND post about it. Starting now! 😉


In case you’re interested.. it’s a poem about a park that is near my neighborhood which used to be a landfill site. The covered the whole thing with dirt and turned it into a city park. Gross right?! 

With that… my time is up. Thanks for reading. 

Cheers to New Poetry, 

~Miss SugarCookie

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