2021-12-09 Random This and That Thursday ✍🏻💊📖🤷‍♀️…

Today I’ve been working on a variety of things and it’s mostly good and I haven’t even had to leave my couch and that’s fine with me. 

It’s mostly been communications related but I did take a wee break in the middle of the day to join a creative writing session. That was nice though I’m pretty sure (like most of those sessions lately), I’m trying too hard and don’t come away with anything that’s worth anything. That could be my confidence talking (though I’m afraid it’s not). 

I think what I need is some more stimulation. Something to really fire me up enough that I want to write about it. For a while there I was inspired to write about all the lovely writing that was showing up in my inbox every morning. But that’s waning now too, as is this blog. What’s a girl to do? 

Anyway. How about that Nebraska weather? Equally as boring, right?! 😂

In other news I’ve successfully cut out the caffeine supplements in the morning. That’s a pretty big deal as I’ve been taking them for years. I mean, It was not that bad for my health but one of my goals for a long time has been to cut unnecessary supplements out of my regular routine. So it’s been buh-buy caffeine, melatonin, magnesium, motegrity, and even loratadine. That last one is for my allergies and this hiatus is a test to see how things are without them. 

As a kid and young adult I always had seasonal allergies. I think the older I get the better it gets so going off them now, at this time of year after a hard freeze, will tell me if my issues are still there or seasonal or something causing problems all year round (like dust mites or cats). Though if I was allergic to cats I would probably not have lived this long. 🤣

Anyway.. the last couple days I’ve suffered from a mild to moderate headache. I had cut out the circumin but think I’ll add that back in because the headache makes it tough to concentrate and that’s why I started taking that in the first place. Though this headache could be because of the lack of caffeine. That withdrawal is no joke. 

What else? 

What else? 

Oh hey, did I mention my book, Unsuspecting Cinderella?

It’s great. You should buy a copy. 

I’m saying that to everyone but Vis who has already taken a big bite for team SugarCookie. Thanks Vis… you’re the BEST!! 

I’ll have more of a promo results post coming soon. Gonna get prelim numbers from the publisher and we’ll see who’s hit the magic button to buy a copy. For real! 

Ok… guess that’s all I have time for today. Here’s to hoping for better weather tomorrow. 😂

~Miss SugarCookie

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