2022-02-04 Checking In and Checking Out… ✅

We’re one month into 2022 and it’s a good day to check in on those goals and resolutions. 10 items on my list and 10 things to report on…

  1. Read a book a month. Unless you count the winter issue of Rattle, this was a total fail. ❌. I think my problem is not having any books that entertain me. I like dystopian fiction and even fantasy fiction at times. Those books that build worlds and keep you turning pages with great characters and engaging stories. I’d love some recommendations! 
Write a new poem or free write once a week (this blog doesn’t count). ✅ This, I am pleased to report is happening. Last week was just a tiny poem, but I’ll take it. Now to stay on it! 
Do 20 minutes of yoga twice a week. ❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌ Epic fail. I haven’t done yoga once. It’s like how things were with meditation last year. I’m blaming covid because I can’t go to classes but it’s really just an excuse. I’ve done plenty of yoga in my life I could easily do it solo if I put in the time. 
Maintain my 100 active sub count. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 My focus has definitely been elsewhere. I think I’m down to 82 with all the rejections pouring in, but I don’t think this goal is a good one. I need to focus on quality and not quantity and I’ve been doing that. I have my list of places and I am submitting to those according to their calendars. I think I’ll change this goal to 10 subs a month and to hell with the submission count. Sound good?
Lose 5 pounds. Yes… this is a yearly goal, lose and then maintain. 👍🏻 I’m not there yet but I’m close. Of course all that gets thrown out next week when I’m on vacation. I might be reporting when I return that I’m starting over. 😜
Get 420 Zone Minutes each week (it’s a Fitbit exercise measure). ✅✅✅✅ This is cake. I think I need to stretch this goal to 500 each week.  🤔 
Average 30 minutes of custom cardio each day (another FitBit score). 🤔 I think last time I checked in I discovered this one is a PITA to measure so I’m changing it. Now my goal is to get 4 orange dots a week on my daily readiness/exercise goal report. It’s easy to see and the orange dots mean I hit the goal for the day. It’s not easy because they seem to set the bar really high. 4 days a week seems to be a great place to start. 💯
Meditate at least once a week (failed last year but that can’t stop me from trying again). ✅✅✅✅ I’ve been able to do a little meditation every day for a while now. Talk about stretching that goal! I like seeing (yes in FitBit) how much my heart rate decreases during my sessions. It only does this if I do their sessions, but I usually pair that with something else I find on YouTube. It’s been really great! 
Reduce my screen time by 30 minutes each day. Another one that’s impossible to calculate without a lot of time so I’m changing this one too. Because I’m lazy like that. Instead, I’m going for less that 6 hours of social apps each week, with a stretch goal of less than 5. I’m in that zone so far this week but it’s going to take a little more effort to hit that goal each week. And by effort I mean being mindful everytime I open an app. We’ll see. 😉
Participate in at least 2 workshops and or readings each month. 💃💃💃 January was definitely a win. I just need to look at the calendar for February and start lining things up. Let’s go! 

What a mixed bag of results that is! I think I’m doing good, I just need to keep at it and start stretching! But first, I’m following this check in by checking out.

That’s right, I’m driving to good ole Tennessee (through like 4 other states). We’re under a no-fly policy right now because of the pandemic but I gotta get out of town. I’ve got those mid-winter stir crazy vibes going on right now. 

I hope I’ll have loads of time to write while I’m away, but that’s unpredictable. 

Sad fact… we chose that area of the country because it should be a touch warmer, but it’s actually going to be colder there than it is here in Nebraska while we’re gone. Go figure! 🙄

Anyway, that’s it for today. Time to go pack! 


~Miss SugarCookie

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