2022-02-05 SMA Road Trip Day 0: Ready, Set, Go!… 💃

Today my love and I are skipping out of this popsicle town. Our bags are packed. Our minds are right (mostly) and we have 7 hours to make it to our first stop, Saint Louis, for our 4:30 Arch tour. 

I had a shit night sleep mostly because I was up late with said packing and then we decided to let the cats stay in the bedroom. Big mistakes man, big mistakes. 

In all fairness I haven’t had a spare second all week to do laundry or pack. In all fairness we really love our cats. In all fairness after neglect ting my whole family all week with my personal drama, I really needed to spend some QT with my peeps. 

Z and C and I ate dinner together and then played some games: Tsuro of the Seas (I won), Apples to Apples, junior (Z won), and three rounds of liars dice ( we each won one). No rage quitting or crying. It was really great. Then I excused myself to finish packing and they played a game of pool before parting ways. 

I knew I would not see them today. We’re pushing off around 9 and it’s a Saturday. They will still be sleeping. And they are. 

I’m not sure how much cardio or steps I’ll get on the little adventure, so I’m having one last hurrah before loading up the car. And what of my husband? Well he had a shot day yesterday so he woke up early to work. A crappy way to start a vacation, but when duty calls, it calls. 

With my last few minutes here I’m going to sign up for audible so we have the option to listen to a book in the car. 

And my time here’s almost up so I need to switch those gears.

Stay tuned for more!!! 💃💃💃

Cheers to Road trips and day zero, 

~Miss SugarCookie

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