2022-06-03 Fixing My Writing Woes with (yet another) Writing Commitment… ✍️

These last few weeks I’ve started writing about four different blog posts. And shortly after, quit and closed the document. 

  • Four paragraphs on school shootings and gun violence in America. 
  • Three paragraphs about the family gathering/grad party we had at our house last Saturday. 
  • Two paragraphs about spraining my foot and how that’s changed my whole perspective on a daily routine and made me contemplate ditching my Fitbit for a whole month, as an experiment. 
  • One paragraph about my stupid garden and how I’ve procrastinated doing one of the things I get the most pleasure out of in life (and not sure why)… 

I haven’t had the motivation to go back to those documents and continue. And that’s a big reason I don’t think I’m quite prepared for what’s happening next…. Which is my commitment to #1000 words of Summer. It’s perfect–a writing goal to usurp my failed attempts to write. 

In short, it’s a national (international?) endeavor where participating writers support each other in their effort to write 1000 words a day for 2 weeks. And it starts tomorrow, June 4. It was started by Jami Attenberg and you can read the summary of what it is here: https://1000wordsofsummer.substack.com/about

I heard about it through my writerly friend, Michelle, and have since subscribed to the newsletter, joined the Slack channel, and put some thought into how exactly I’ll be accomplishing the task at hand. 

In truth, a nebulous community of 18,000+ strangers I’ve never met is not really my thing, so the actual accountability and support will be coming from Michelle and one other person, Suz. The three of us have a shared google doc with our respective plans and goals. 

Thinking, planning, and documenting are necessary steps to success. For me, it’s about (re)establishing good writerly habits, setting aside dedicated time to write, and outlining specific projects that I want to work on. That way, when I open my laptop (or get out my phone) each day at the designated time, I don’t spend half an hour thinking about what it is I’m going to write about. 

There have been real issues, other endeavors, and (if I’m being honest) TV shows getting in the way of my writing life the last couple of years and I’ve sort of let all that take over. I have also become ok using them as an excuse why I’m not producing anything new. I’ve also used “my life is great and I don’t have much to write about” as an excuse too. 

No more excuses…I’m doing this and it’s going to be frustrating and also totally amazing!! 

Maybe I’ll post daily about my progress and what I’ve worked on? I mean, not the actual drafts of things I’ve written, but just the goal for each day before I get started like a solo morning standup or a retrospective at the end of my designated writing time. 

This could be another layer of accountability above and beyond what my peeps are providing. Maybe they would be down for a daily check-in too. Who knows. 

The biggest hurdle as I see it is carving out the time and not letting “other duties as assigned” prevent me from writing. This is where the “when and where” section of my plan becomes important: 

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday: 8 am-9:30 am from either my desk or treadmill.
  • Wednesday 10 am-12 & 6 pm-8: both new standing commitments to writing elsewhere (at Tacheny’s with her group and with Mimi at a coffee shop, respectively). Oh yes… Wednesdays are going to be super productive!!
  • Sat & Sunday need to be more flexible, but late morning/early afternoon are the most likely times I can “get away.”  

“Get away” means that I’m someplace where I can be left alone. Or someplace, even if I’m near other writing peeps, I’m free from distractions. This also means I need support from the people in my household to not expect anything from me during those designated times. I’ve told Jim about this, and he’s promised to be mindful of it, so really the final step will be to make sure all the kids know too. No bouncing into my “office” and staring at me with those “I need food” eyes. Nope.

Good gravy… that’s all the time I have today but I already feel better having completed an entire post. Next stop… #1000wordsofsummer town. 

~Miss SugarCookie

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