2022-12-02 New Leaf #1🍁

Welcome to December. 

Months seem to turn over like eyes blinking. 

And as they do, it always feels like an opportunity to turn over new leaves. 🍃🍁🍂 I wonder where that saying comes from but can’t get distracted from my current topic, which is about what I’ve decided to do with my life in December. 

In order to muse about it, though, I’ll have to provide some measure of backstory. 

Leaf number 1: The NOT Whole 30 Plan

The health struggle is real and I swear the older I get the more my body, both metabolism and willpower dip to new all-time lows. And it’s got me seriously rolling my eyes. Bitches, please. 

The last time I met my friend M, the one I mentioned in the previous post, talked about being on the Whole 30 diet. Well.. the fact that she had just finished her first 30 and was planning to continue. 

I talked a little about my experience, which was somewhat successful but when the 30 days were done, I found myself saying “never again.” Yes, I followed all the guidelines, but the results were so counter to what all the people talked about–the crashing after the first 7 days but then getting over that and feeling like a badass. They proclaim more energy, better sleep, and weight loss. 

I didn’t have any of that. I did discover I could eat eggs every day with my homemade pico and be happy about it. I did learn that my biggest addiction and hurdle in the diet realm is sugar. I did try to make all kinds of other homemade condiments to enrich my meals and as I said, I made it 30 whole days. But I never lost a pound. 

In fact, after it was over and I returned to my normal eating behaviors, I almost immediately gained 5 pounds (that I really have never lost again). Like, WTF?! Am I the only person in history that can’t lose weight on that plan??!!

Anyway, I didn’t feel any different either, I didn’t feel I had more energy or better sleep, or any of the other positive things people talk about. So in short, the only thing I got from Whole 30 was a perfect pico de gallo recipe and a broken metabolism. Effff that noise! 

So when M offered to do the next 30 together I just said, hmmm, let me think about that.

For those of you keeping score, this is the learned—Magic 8 Ball—approach of not saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to someone immediately. The  better way to go about things is to defer, ponder in a solo way, and figure out the best answer before committing to anything. You can read all about that here.

Since last Wednesday, though, I have thought about it. I even hunted for a refresher on the guidelines because maybe it wasn’t right for me before, but could be now. It didn’t take too much digging though, to solidify that “no”  is the best answer for me at this point in time.

I’m just not prepared for that cold Turkey with all the sustenance I enjoy. I think I mentioned to someone recently that the satisfaction we get from life, much of the time, comes from the pleasure derived from basic needs stuff–food, drink, sleep, sex, wearing clothes, and moving our bodies. I think about how much I enjoy sliding into bed each night, fluffing my pillows just so, and pulling the blankets around me. I think about how getting cardio almost always makes me feel better. I think about how I love it when my clothes fit just right and my favorite jeans are fresh out of the dryer. I can’t help but also realize that the sweet treat I allow myself to have after a great meal, is so damn good.. It almost feels necessary. So how (or why)on earth would I give that up? 

This, my friends, is coming from the part of my brain that has so easily defeated willpower for the last two or three years. It’s so convincing, I can’t possibly survive 30 days without enjoying the foods I love. I probably would not last two days. Or even one. 

What I can embrace, however, is some form of control that limits an aspect of my eating behaviors. Call it the “Whole SugarCookie Diet” (which does not include eating any cookies, sugar or otherwise). After trying to do this in the month of November, I feel like I know what I should abstain from to give me the biggest results and what my roadblocks to success are. In order to pull it off, I’m really going to have to internalize and repeat a motivational mantra over and over. The mantra? “You can do this, you don’t need the <<insert item(s) I’m abstaining from here>>. 

Yes, it’s a list, but it might not yet be a solid enough list to commit to right now. First off, as I stated, no cookies.✅ Then, I know for sure no coffee with cream and sugar (or any fru-fru coffee/espresso drink).✅ Red meat. ✅ Pork products. ✅ Alcohol. ✅✅

I think I need to stop there. It’s definitely not as harsh as Whole 30, but still a tough little list for a red-wine-and-red-meat-loving creature such as myself. In fact, that last item was the reason I could not make it even a couple of days in November. But I swear this month is going to be different. Something about the timing seems right and, hey, I’ve already made it one whole day, so why not go for two?! 😜

That’s it for new leaf #1. 🍁 I’m out of time for the rest, so stay tuned for the other new leaves 🍂 coming soon… 

Peace and love,
~Miss SugarCookie

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