2022-12-10 Big Magic, Enrichment, & New Leaf #3🍃

Basically… all roads converge on new leaf #3.🌿

It’s about books, Big Magic, and the decision to spend more time on activities that bring me enrichment, enlightenment, fulfillment, and inspiration. 

The actual goal is to read or listen to 2 to 3 books a month. That may not seem like a lot, but it’s definitely an improvement over what has been the case since finishing my MFA. A sad 2 or 3 books each year. Yikes!!

I must have had the goal sometime in the past because when I decided to listen to the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and opened the audible app, I already had 9 credits to spend. I immediately was taken by the book and that’s how the idea for this new goal developed. 

I say “all roads converge” because what that book also did was open my mind to learning more about other topics by listening to books. And it’s something I can do on the treadmill instead of watching mindless shows. I guess I could watch documentaries and maybe listen to podcasts too, so that’s in the back of my mind, but the focus this month will be on books. These 3 new leaves are for December after all. 🍁🍂🍃

They are also good “tests”experiments” for potential New Year’s resolutions. 

Anyway.. I finished Big Magic a few days ago. And I got a ton out of it. I would say, though, that the first half of the book was a little more interesting and inspiring. The last half kind of fell flat for me but that could be because I’ve been feeling under the weather and not inspired or enthusiastic about anything. 

As I said, I got this book for free with credits already acquired at some point. But I loved it so much I went and bought a hard copy. I really wanted to be able to go back through it and mark some great sections and stellar quotes. 

What’s the next book going to be? I’m not sure. I’m kind of letting the Universe decide. The Universe has been precariously good at sending things my way historically. Like each new book came to me at just the right moment, when I most needed it. It’s kind of like what Elizabeth Gilbert talks about ideas and inspiration in her book. 

That we have to be open and ready to receive and that’s when the Big Magic happens. Which is exactly what happened about a week ago and I wrote the first new poem since like June. I just need to continue to try to stay open. 

And with that… I’ve already completely exhausted my walking energy for the morning. I know it’s short but it’s also sweet.

Maybe I’ll have some of those quotes to share in future posts? Perhaps.

Until then, cordially,
~Miss SugarCookie

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