2022-12-21 Winter Solstice Status Update ❄️🥶❄️

Yesterday I had a new random like on a post I wrote about a year ago. It’s surprisingly serendipitous because it’s all about New Year’s resolutions and goals. 

I say serendipitous because I’ve been talking a lot lately about my personal  goals for December and just last night started to record a few extra things in a paper tracker to see if it will make me more mindful and/or help detect trends. 

In truth, I’m doing ok with one or two of my overarching December goals 🍁🌿🍂 but have definitely already lost it on a few of the specifics. 

🍁 For example, I’ve eaten no beef or pork and had zero coffee, but have had alcohol about 50% of the days and seem to have substituted eggnog for the sugar and crème I’m not getting from coffee. My weight therefore remains unaffected by the changes.

🍃As far as reading books go.. I made it through one and am struggling with the 2nd. About to abandon it for a more enjoyable read.

🍂 And to round things out with my writing and submitting success.. I’ve written 1.5 new poems and sent something to prospective publishers above and beyond the one-a-day on weekdays. Though I’ve taken weekends off, I’ve still already submitted enough to say I’m averaging one submission per day. For the entire month! That’s at least 31 subs! This means if I want I can take the rest of December off and still hit my goal. Now that’s success.

All this proves that some things are clearly easier than others and that I gravitate towards easy. Cuz I’m human, I suppose and also a little lazy. Which leads me to that blog post and list of 10 New Year’s resolutions. Good gravy, 10??!! Whose dumb idea was that anyhow?!!!

The following is a short story on each and proof that New Year’s resolutions are inherently stupid and the best way to set oneself up for failure. Mine were totally not realistic…

2022-01-08 Where’s the Bullseye This Year? 🎯

  1. Read a book a month. Doesn’t that sound familiar? 6 out of 12 is 50% and total fail. ❌
  2. Write a new poem or free write once a week (this blog doesn’t count). 24 of 52 is 56% and total fail. ❌
  3. Do 20 minutes of yoga twice a week. 0% and the very definition of total fail. ❌ 🤣
  4. Maintain my 100 active sub count. Did I ever have 100??!! Wowza. Considering I took a two month break that would make this impossible to achieve, I’d say it’s a success that I currently have 70+. ✅💃💃💃
  5. Lose 5 pounds. I gained 5 instead of losing 5. ❌❌ 😜
  6. Get 420 Zone Minutes each week (it’s a Fitbit exercise measure). 41 of 52 weeks is 79% and not exactly a fail, but not really a stellar success either. 🤷‍♀️
  7. Average 30 minutes of custom cardio each day (another FitBit score). Oh good freaking gravy. There’s no way I have time to calculate this. Cheeses!! I’m sure I’ve failed…especially lately.🙃
  8. Meditate at least once a week (failed last year but that can’t stop me from trying again). Failed again. ❌
  9. Reduce my screen time by 30 minutes each day. Another incalculable measure. ❌🤦‍♀️
  10. Participate in at least 2 workshops and or readings each month. ✅

So there’s the proof. Proof that longer term resolutions are all but impossible to keep if the tracking and measuring is not continuous and also really tough if there are not super realistic in the first place. 

But all one has to do is read that post to see how positive I was that I would be able to do ALL the things? Definitely some value in that reflection and also this little accounting exercise for December and my year. 

Next Stop Christmas. 

Peace and Love, 

~Miss SugarCookie

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