2023-01-18 Conflicting Winter Storm Warning Feels 🥶❄️🥰

After all these years and incidents of “crying wolf” we are still basing decisions on what the weather people say is about to happen. All the schools are closed for the day and/or have opted to go remote. This business of predicting the weather has always been precarious at best but I suppose as a general rule it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Still… it feels like I’m waiting for the snow to start falling and then stop so I can raise my hands up to say “see, I told you so.” Really, what will really happen… Nobody knows. 

Still… I’ve done all the Wednesday errand running early just in case. 

Still… I’m a little hopeful that tomorrow’s reading in Lincoln will be postponed cuz that’s what my social anxiety is telling me to wish for. 🥶

I’ve got many reasons to want the snow to start and not stop for a while. As long as all my people are home and safe from the oft careless Nebraska winter drivers. 

I have everything I need here and that’s a nice feeling. It’s warm and cozy knowing you and your loved ones are safe and secure. I feel warm and cozy today. 🥰

Not a surprise I haven’t written much lately. A got a little idea yesterday and have a new start of a poem, so that’s good. Otherwise, I haven’t exactly been inspired to write anything here or elsewhere. I worked on a few revisions but never felt any led to a truly finished piece. I’ve got more thinking to do on all of that for sure. 

What else?? Did I mention I’m participating in a reading tomorrow (Thursday January 19th)? If you are Lincoln/Omaha local you should pop in and hear my friends read from their amazing collections! Details here!! 

(Unless it’s canceled) 😏

Anyway… I think that’s it today. Just the weather and then mic drop. 🎤 My life is so exciting. 

I just have lots to get done today and none of it involves anything blog worthy. 

Peace and love, 

~Miss SugarCookie


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