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This stream of consciousness is intended to be an unfiltered account of my journey to fight my way to a healthier, happier life. One day at a time, one step at a time, one organically-grown-emotionally-raw blog post at a time…

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  • 2017-02-08 You Can’t Always Get What You Want

    But if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need… OR NOT. I’ve had a cardboard box of stuff packed up for a couple of days now. The box has been sitting on my kitchen table and I’ve had to stare it down at every breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Seeing it […]

  • 2017-02-07 Morning Workout Trial Run (or rather.. Jog)

    This morning I tried something new. Since I was working from home, I decided that after I took the kids to school I would go to the gym with the 45 minutes I had between drop-off and getting started on work stuff. In the past I’ve tried to workout before work but it never really.. […]

  • 2017-02-05 Concrete Goals

    This weekend I walked over 40,000 steps (according to my FitBit) and a great deal of that was outside in the sunshine. It is definitely a winter where the weather is something I can’t complain about. Yesterday I walked the loop around a lake and saw deer, geese, and an Eagle! Quite magnificent. Also contributing […]

  • 2017-02-03 Up at 4:30AM Again

    Awake and thinking about everything again. I’ve got this really long, like mini-novel in me about what my last relationship (yeah, the one I don’t have closure on) did to me and is still doing to me daily. It’s lots of backstory that seems to evolve a little bit each time I think about it […]

  • 2017-02-03 On Grief

    Life is complicated, you know, and human beings are fascinating and beautiful and strange. The body is remarkable and unusual and the mind is mysterious and wonderful. This seems like the perfect combination for a extraordinary existence yet, all the connections and unknowns and conflicts can cause chaos. We’re thinking all the time. It’s both a blessing and […]

  • 2017-02-01 The Trapezoid

    I’m stuck in a place where I feel like I can’t move on. I can’t sit still, yet I can’t move. It’s maddening. I’ve got this logical brain, right? (it’s rhetorical but the answer is yes). Sometimes I see life like a flowchart on a piece of paper. You’re on a path and each time […]

  • 2017-02-01 And the Winner is…

    A month of the year is gone already. In that time, I’ve been focussing on exercising more and, for those who are following along, now tracking the foods I am eating too. I think I have been somewhat successful with adding more activity to my days/weeks thus far but came to the conclusion yesterday that […]

  • 2017-01-30 That Was Kind of a Big Deal

    I’ve done the blog thing for a while. I started my first blog late in 2010 because I met a guy and he told me he thought I should (yeah, that’s how it always starts.. with a guy). At the time, I was really apprehensive about putting my words out for the entire universe to […]

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