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This stream of consciousness is intended to be an unfiltered account of my journey to fight my way to a healthier, happier life. One day at a time, one step at a time, one organically-grown-emotionally-raw blog post at a time…

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  • 2017-01-20 3AM Hangover?

    I drank a lot when I was in Mexico. So much so that I spent several mornings hiding away in my room with a pretty nasty hangover. I can’t say that’s the first time I have done that on vacation (and probably won’t be the last). But even after I arrived home, I had some…

  • 2017-01-19 Puzzle Pieces

    What I’ve got to describe in order to form a complete picture of my life right now is a series of puzzle pieces. Each individual aspect of my life right now is segmented and has it’s own complexities and deserves some consideration when trying to make the complete picture make sense. It’s going to take…

  • 2017-01-18 Hello from the Office

    We’ve had an ice storm the past couple of days and school was cancelled yesterday and I’ve been working from home during that time. Last week at this time I was in Mexico and basically took off the first 8 work days of the year. I did work last week for a couple of days,…

  • 2017-01-17 Today is a Good Day to Start

    Last night I slept over 9 hours with one break in the middle where I woke up at 5AM and finished the book I was reading. It was the end of the 5th Wave series and the story turned out to be really good. Good characters, plot, and ending. I’m no book or writing critic…

  • 2017-01-15 The Riddle of the Middle

    How do you start something new when it feels like you are starting in the middle? There’s so much backstory I don’t even know if I can start HERE AND NOW and make it make any sense. But I can’t let that keep me from starting. I have to begin as it is the only…

  • First Blog Post

    This is the post excerpt.

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