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  • 2022-11-28 Big Magic ~ The Prequel

    2022-11-28 Big Magic ~ The Prequel

    I’ve thought about writing. I’ve opened a number of google docs, added the date as a temporary title, and then stared blankly at the little black cursor blinking innocently back at me.  My mind flips through the Rolodex of thoughts that plague me and keep me awake at 3 am. I want to pick something.. […]

  • 2017-10-09 Another Look at a Familiar Book

    Over a year ago I was given a book called “Madness, Rack, and Honey”. It’s a collection of lectures from a famous poet who now teaches for an MFA program at Vermont College, Mary Ruefle’s. I started reading the book and then stopped. I then dumped the guy who gave it to me. In return, […]

  • 2017-06-08 On Books and Reading

    I’ve started reading a new book. Something that I picked up in Denver from Lance. It’s called “Love and Garbage” and was written by Ivan Klima. I cracked it open last Sunday when I took the kids to the pool and am really not that far into it, but already I am reminded how much […]