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  • 2022-07-10 Terrible Tirade Tuesday…

    A few days ago I posted about being overwhelmed with stuff going on. I feel literally paralyzed by not being able to process that list of stuff and the fact that so much is out of my control.. it’s making me furious.  If I can move just one thing from that list out of my […]

  • 2022-05-08 A Million Little Things…

    Lately I’ve been wasting time watching more shows than I normally do. When I say “normally” I mean that normally I don’t watch shows at all unless Jim and I are sitting down for a chill hour of TV in the evening. And when I say “lately” I suppose I mean for the past nine […]

  • 2022-03-23 One Blog Post to Rule Them All…

    Spoiler alert: This will be my last post for the foreseeable future. And it is a long one.   A lot has happened in my life these past 5 years and much of it has been captured in the virtual pages of this space. I created this blog in 2017 when I was literally on the […]

  • 2022-03-13 So Much Next Level Going On

    It’s been another hot minute, you know I know. But I’ve been attending to other duties as assigned and this week it was all about hanging out with the founder and managing editor of Red Hen Press and the LA Review. It was/is a big deal and personally a fantastic experience.  What an opportunity to […]

  • 2022-02-03 I Need to Write This

    When I say I need to write this, what I mean is that I need to try and work through my thoughts and feelings. I need to come to terms with what’s happened, document my perspective for posterity, and try to find some internal resolution and peace. That’s what this is.  Yesterday I had a […]

  • 2022-01-28 Giving Birth is Hard Work, Especially When You’re Distracted

    I’m pushing hard to get that next “baby” of an issue for my lit mag out into the wide world. This one has a big head. It’s what’s on my mind and I keep getting distracted by the rest of life.  My husband is off work today which started at 6:30 am with a work […]

  • 2021-11-24 Which Way is Up + 10 Reasons Why Tuesday was Tops Compared to Monday

    I swear the Universe is conspiring to mix me around something fierce in a way that leaves me not knowing which direction is up. Two days ago I was the hot mess I often complain about being here in this semi-anonymous space. Yesterday was like the exact opposite. I felt great and for no damn […]

  • 2021-11-23 Pulling that Pin Out and Tossing it in the Trash 📌

    Yesterday I suffered from a mini-existential crisis and wanted to write through it. I wanted to write long enough for my brain to start unlocking the doors to potential answers. Hey.. it’s worked before so why not?  However life itself got in the way and I truly did not have enough time to get to […]

  • 2021-11-17 Hello Austin.. Ohhh, How I’ve Missed You

    If I would have posted what I wrote yesterday, the title might have been “Miss SugarCookie is On the Move Again” or “Austin Adventure Day 0” or maybe “Seven Reminders Why I Hate Air Travel” but I only wrote a handful of sentence that had nothing to do with traveling or my trip and then […]

  • 2021-11-06 It has been a while… but why?

    It has been a while since I held to my daily writing routine and I could say it was because I haven’t needed it but the truth is that I’m just using my time in other ways.  What’s new? Plenty. What is blog worthy? Not sure.  I’ve got a new elliptical machine and it’s smooth […]

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