About Miss SugarCookie

I’ve collected a few aliases in my writing career (if you can call it a career) and Miss SugarCookie was one that I came up with in 2014 when I started a daily blog. That year I made a resolution to write every single day which is something I had not attempted in the past. At the time it was a good experience and helped me grow my writing abilities and as well as gain confidence in myself and what I can accomplish.

Now here I am, three years later, attempting a very similar thing, but this time for a completely different purpose. It is less about the writing and more about trying to improve the quality of my life and documenting each step of the way.

The other benefit of these endeavors is having that solid reminder of exactly what you were thinking and feeling during a particular event or time. I find it fascinating to revisit years later and really remember what it was like.

The original SugarCookie blog is no longer active (as it was dedicated to the days of 2014 only), but if you are interested, here is a link… “The SugarCookie Adventure”

The alias I have had for a longer period of time and the one that is associated to my main blog, which is still active, is “ShySpark”. This one has been around since late 2010… “ShySpark”

From there, you can find out more than you ever wanted to know about me and my life including my contact info.

I hope you enjoy your time here. I certainly intend to. 🙂