2019-11-08 All Backstory and No Conclusion

This week I have disparate assignments. Comments from my mentor on my 3rd big packet of work came back and along with a ton of great feedback was a statement something like, “you’ve earned the right to have a blast with packet 4. Write what you want.” However, I’m still in class and getting those very specific prompts and instructions to write in a very specific way about the subject at hand. What’s a girl to do?

My answer is of course to split the difference. Half of what I write will be the freeform fluff that comes to my brain and the other half will be attempts at completing those pesky, yet quite reliably fruitful assignments.

One of the prompts was basically a repeat of the one earlier this semester where we were to return to the most painful moment of our life and write about it with a new lens. No thanks. Been there and done that and I’m not going back again. Not this time. Which leaves me with only one other prompt which was entirely new.

It’s a long one, but summing up, We’re supposed to put ourselves in a situation that is completely out of character, that We would normally never do, and then record all the results of the experiment. All the sensory input and reaction, other people as well as our own. Obvi it’s supposed to be something that makes us uncomfortable. After that, we take our notes and write some bad-ass poem. Yup. That about sums it up.

When I think about where I am this weekend, alone and left to my own devices, it’s like the universe is pushing me very strongly in a particular direction. I mean, I’ve got from now til Sunday afternoon free and clear for whatever I want to do. It’s ripe with possibilities. AND (and this is a big and deserving the all-caps) it’s also Barcamp weekend. Hold-up.. what??!

Rewind. Barcamp is a conference where a sizable group of people come together to listen to other people give mini-speeches and presentations about their passions— cool tech info, new entrepreneurial endeavors, interesting hobbies, ideas, just whatever. There is a focus track for tech and also those movers and shakers and makers, but there’s also a kitchen sink track which is open for any topic. That’s where I’m going to try and fit in.

Yes.. my plan is to speak at barcamp this year. The sign ups are day-of and you only need a ticket to get in, so very little planning in advance is required. That’s part of the appeal and also, for me, the sheer terror. Thinking too much in advance about it has caused me to chicken out in the past. But now.. I’ve got a prime directive and it’s perfect for my assignment.

Did I mention Public speaking terrifies me? It’s pretty common I guess. I heard once that most people are more afraid of public speaking than dying. Yeah.. that. To make matters worse, I’m not going in super prepared. I mean, I have a topic but it’s just going to be me up there talking. No PowerPoint presentation for distraction, no guaranteed plants in the audience to laugh at my jokes or ask pre-planned questions (The universe better save me if I run out of things to say and it falls into a Q and A!).

Good Gravy I’m starting to sweat just thinking about it. The thing I’m 100% certain of is that I can do it and I will not die. The best I can hope for is to not make a complete fool of myself and come away with some good starter material. The worst? That it will qualify more for that first prompt, the one about the most difficult moment of my life, than the second. 🤪

That’s it for today kids. The title said it.. all backstory and no conclusion. You’ll have to wait until tomorrow for that (as long as I don’t actually die).

Peace and Love,

~Miss SugarCookie

2018-07-31 Contemplating Barcamp

Just another day in the semi-charmed life of Miss SugarCookie here. Last night the kids and I arrived home from our quick little road trip at about 7:15pm. My brain and body were too tired to drive much Of anything so I basically sank into my bed, had an hour long conversation with my sweetie, and then promptly fell asleep. I woke this AM after 8 and a half hours of sleep. It was delicious.

Today the kids go to their dads house and I’m going to kick things into high gear to try and catch up on some much needed work hours. I also ordered books for this semester and those should arrive this week and I have to get to reading. Of course I’ll have to balance all that out with exercise and spending QT with Jim and some friends in town from Texas.

Oh hey.. and here’s another thing going on this week which I am giving serious consideration to. Barcamp! What’s Barcamp? Well it really doesn’t have anything to do with bars or camping, unless you count the welcome party which IS at a bar the day before the conference (or … er… unconference).

Unconference? Yeah.. I’m not a fan of conferences. I think the only value I ever got out of any conference I’ve attended was the opportunity to travel. Don’t even get me started on conferences I’ve had to speak at. At my last job that was sort of part of my expected job duties. I absolutely hated it (public speaking about my product and having to socialize with people I barely know).

However, I don’t actually hate public speaking. It makes me nervous for sure, but I kind of like the rush. I’ve attended barcamp and watched other speakers for years and have often thought about signing up to do a talk myself. The Barcamp unconference is a venue where people in the area gather and some give “talks” about what they are passionate about. The presentations are 25 minutes each and there really aren’t any rules around what the topics are. There are 4 distinct tracks to try and categorize talks.. creative, technology, entrepreneurial, and kitchen sink. That last one is a free for all and the reason I say you can pretty much talk about whatever you want.

Anyway.. the event is early this year (August 4th – this Saturday!) at the Kaneko art space in downtown Omaha. That means if I’m going to finally pull the trigger and do a talk, I have about 4 days to figure that out. And by figure that out, what I mean to say is decide what my talk is about and actually put together some valuable content. And by valuable content what I mean is something that might be of use to other people and not just me getting up on a soapbox about something and shooting my mouth off. Though that could be entertaining too. 😂

In case anyone is in the Omaha area and has interest in attending, here’s a link.. https://barcampomaha.org/

We’ll see if I can come up with something or chicken out like every other year. 🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣 Oh the suspense.

But first… gotta get back to AWS and put some serious work hours in.

Time Will Always Tell,
~Miss SugarCookie