2017-03-15 Beware the Ides of March

Here it is again.. The Ides of March. I’m not really a superstitious person, but there’s a black cloud that hangs over this day in history and I tend to tread a little more cautiously because of it.

According to the almighty wiki:

The Ides of March (Latin: Idus Martiae, Late Latin: Idus Martii)[1] is a day on the Roman calendar that corresponds to 15 March. It was marked by several religious observances and became notorious as the date of the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 BC. The death of Caesar made the Ides of March a turning point in Roman history, as one of the events that marked the transition from the historical period known as the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire.[2]

For more… “The Ides of March”

For me personally, this day has been marked with events that also have been impactful to my life and the lives of people around me.

On March 15th, my dad had a heart attack. He lived to tell about it but it was the last day he ever smoked a cigarette and he’s been a much healthier person ever since. That’s his story to tell and not mine, but it shook us all and was a grave reminder that life is short and that we should cherish the ones we love and be healthy for our sake and theirs.

In 2009, my marriage was falling apart and I made the decision to leave. That was probably the most difficult decision of my entire life thus far.

In 2010, it was the day my divorce was final. It was just him and I in the courtroom that day (no lawyers) surrounded by lots of other strangers also untying knots. We held hands because it was too much. It was the final turning point in our story. Life would never be the same again.

There have been other things that have happened to other people around me and not for me personally, but it’s enough to heed the warning of the soothsayer.

I’ve got an interesting day ahead of me. I have lots of work to get done and a couple of meet-ups that I’m really looking forward to. I’m sure it will all speed by and, if the fates allow, I will be waking up on March 16th having survived the Ides again.

Until Tomorrow,
Miss SugarCookie