2019-09-27 Austin Day 0 – Arriving Home

This morning I woke up in one of my favorite places. My bedroom in the corner of the house of my Texas bestie. It really does feel great to be home. It’s not my home of course but you know what they say, about home and the heart. Such truth.

My friends’ home has been my home for 10+ years. They were preparing to get married as my marriage was falling apart in 2009. They have offered me sanctuary at every turn. The divorce, the rebuilding of my life as a single mom, the stops and starts in the dating world, the high of meeting Matt, and the heartbreak as that too fell apart. Then round two of dating again.. and what a horrible thing dating has become. Why does it feel like there’s nothing redeeming about it?! Except, of course, that impossible needle in a haystack of finding a special someone. And now, my friends are gathering to celebrate that! Life is good.

Last night Rebecca picked me up from the airport and we immediately went to dinner, just the two of us, to start getting caught up. I know she’s my people because we both came with this thought in our heads we need a list so we don’t miss talking about anything. Yup.

So that was great, and we we went to one of our places, District Kitchen, where I had my Bison burger and whatever new thing is on the cocktail menu. We got through a few topics there and then continued back at the house with a desert cocktail and winding down on the back patio. In bed by like 10pm, cuz that’s where we are at. This might be my weekend away to stay up late, etc. but she’s got routine and little ones and life has requirements.

This morning I’m doing the elliptical thing and gathering some thoughts. One thing I’m grateful for here is just a break in my own crazy routine and getting a few things done which are important but never bubble to top priority.

After this session, she has a whole day planned for us and it sounds amazing. Temps here are record highs (100s) and it reminds me when I was in Colorado in June and it was freezing and snowing. The routine of the Earth, too, is off it’s rails.

She warned me ahead of time “don’t bring jeans or you might die”. Ha! So it’s sun dresses and shorts and tank tops. I’m all for extending summer a little more. I’m never really ready for fall.

That it for this session. Time to go find the sun.

Cheers to Day 1,

~Miss SugarCookie

2019-05-24 Home Sweet Home

I’ve only got like 15 minutes so going to make this quick. The drive home yesterday was draining and just sitting, trying to think about what I had done in the past 48 hours was a struggle. I just really didn’t want to.

We unpacked the car, started the laundry, and perused briefly through the pictures from our trip. It shouldn’t have been exhausting, but it was. I stayed up until 11pm when all the laundry was done, toggling between writing a paragraph at a time and folding clothes while watching The Mindy Project.

We came home about a half a day before we originally planned which left us with a 4 day weekend because of the Memorial Holiday Monday. Well, it’s a 4 day weekend for Jim because he has to go back to work on Tuesday (though he actually went into the office for meetings today). Technically I have an endless weekend because I’m not going back to work…. ever again!! 😜

That’s right, I’m rocking that good ole unemployed life. I don’t think reality has sunk in yet. It feels like I’m just on vacation.

I spent most of my day today cleaning and running errands and planting more flowers and veggies in the garden. I’ve got about 90-95% of the annuals I intended to plant done (mostly in pots) and about 25% of the veg. Only one of four garden areas is done.

We’re hosting a family gathering on Sunday afternoon/evening and that made the annuals a priority, so things look nice in the front and back yards. I’m quite particular about how things need to be done and the only one that has the patience for that is me. It’s a great solo activity, just digging and planting and listening to music and thinking. It’s one of my favorite happy places.

It was a great way to spend my first day “off”. I’m really looking forward to getting so much more done next week while Jim is at work. It’s my first year getting to know all these new spaces (and there’s quite a lot) so it may take me a while to decide just how things should be.

I will say, it’s good to be home, and if there’s a dominant thought or feeling in the return, it’s that It really felt like I was arriving at home. My home. Our home. That, my friends, is a wonderful feeling indeed.


~Miss SugarCookie

2017-10-16 Home Sweet Home

I arrived home about 10:30PM, got most things put away, and have just now settled into bed. The kids stayed at Brian’s an extra night because of our delay so it is just me and the kitten here. She greeted me at the door and has been following me around ever since.

I’m glad to be home and looking forward to a good night sleep in my own bed. I know I have a whole host of things that need following up on tomorrow, but right now I am just exhausted and can’t even think about what I’m supposed to be doing this week. That drive across Nebraska – Ewwww. I will say Colorado is no better. It only starts to get interesting when you get close to Denver and Boulder.

I think I am done with road trips for a while and also vacations in general (after we return from Hawaii of course). I am going to coast through the rest of this year and the holidays and really not plan anything new. It’s likely I will have a job come January and probably will not have much vacation time anyway, so that will work out perfectly.

Anyway, I’m going to call it quits on this day now. Kitten and I are ready for lights out.

When, what, who?
~Miss SugarCookie

2017-05-12 Live from Austin Texas

Every time I visit here I’m reminded how this is my home away from home. There is no other place in the world I feel more at home that is not my actual home. I sleep well here, eat well, and generally feel so much better about my life. Most of that is thanks to Rebecca and Jeremy are without a doubt the hostess and host with the most.

I’ve known Jer since high school and he was one of my ex-husbands best friends. He was in my wedding and years later when it was finally his time to find the love of his life, he did better than most. In the last 8 years, she has become one of my closest friends. I often think it is a shame they don’t live in Omaha, but if they did, then I would not be able to escape to Austin and have just the very best R & R ever. Not exaggerating.

Yesterday when I arrived we went straight to Sushi lunch which was great and then I worked the rest of the afternoon. I’m heads down on the latest, most important thing that is on fire. I worked straight through the afternoon from my bedroom in this beautiful house and did not stop until it was time to get ready to go out to dinner.

After dinner, we came back to the house and I caught folks up on all the things that have happened since last we spoke (in November of last year). This includes everything with Matt, and my work drama, and even a little bit about Josh. We shared a bottle of rose wine and they offered some really great advice and life experience. It’s a little bit of validation for things I already know, but am afraid to admit, and also a few new ideas I had not really considered before. All-in-all, a good chat. I’ll probably have more to say about all that advice later.

We got to sleep at a descent hour and I slept for almost 8 hours and woke up feeling very refreshed and ready to take on Friday. I’m a little short on time now, so I’ll have to write more to fill in the gaps later. For now, it’s just feels good to be “home”.

Loving the Austin Life,
~Miss SugarCookie