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  • 2020-10-05 A Day at Waubonsie

    2020-10-05 A Day at Waubonsie

    What must it be like to have your day defined by the hunt for firewood.. or searching for viable acorns? I had a lot of stray thoughts yesterday as my mind tried to walk away from the conversations in play. Someone would say something and I would think about that for a second and then […]

  • 2020-10-04 On Days Like Today

    2020-10-04 On Days Like Today

    On days like today I’m reminded how my son never wants to go outside. He resists it each and every time that I’ve suggested it, reliable as day turning to night as the sun slides down the sky. It always frustrates me because the outdoors has so much to offer. I ask myself as much […]

  • 2017-08-05 The “Hopeless” in Hopeless Romantic

    Today I found myself feeling very anti-social and melancholy and consequently walking around Walnut Creek again. I arrived just about 45 minutes prior to sunset and when I began walking I paced myself so that I could enjoy the sunset from the path on east side of the lake looking west. Most of the music […]