2021-07-18 Sunday Staycation Status 🏖🚴🏻‍♀️🍹☀️❤️🍱🍝🌮

Sunday Staycation Status, AKA Staycation Days one through six, is that one post that wraps six days “off” the normal routine enjoying many activities one’s home city has to offer. It’s true what people say about a person not actually taking advantage of the things the city they live in had to offer. It’s been about 8 years since I’ve been to the Henry Doorly Zoo here in Omaha and it’s a world class zoo. Why??!! 🤔

That was remedied this week with the outing we had on Friday afternoon. It was just one of the places we went this week while Jim had some extra days off work. 

Since I’m not currently working for the man, what the staycation means for me is putting a few things on pause to spend some extra QT with my sweetie AND not worrying too much about the dishes or cooking or cleaning. 

The first couple days of this staycation, however, were spent apart as Jim took his boys “cabin” camping at Two Rivers state park. For me, those first few days gave me an opportunity to really get the house in order and also spend some extra time with my Z. 

I cleaned, binged-watched The Bachelorette while jogging on the treadmill, got into Master Chef, and took Z to see Black Widow in the theatre. It was the first movie I’ve seen in a theatre since the pandemic and it was fun. It was mostly fun because I was there with Z who is Gaga for anything Marvel and it’s always nice to be with someone who’s really into what you’re watching. I’m not such a big fan but I enjoy the stories. 

When Jim and his boys arrived home on Wednesday, they brought the toads that we released into the stream area behind our house and then the boys packed themselves up and headed back to their mom’s house. That was the other part of our staycation—having a mostly kid free few days off. Mine were going on vacation with their dad. 

Here’s a quick rundown of what we elected to do with our time (in no particular order)…

A visit to the Zoo. 

Swimming and hot tub sitting.

Bike rides at Flannigan lake, standing Bear lake, and Papio Trail. 

Tubing on the Elkhorn river.

Brunches at First Watch and LePeep

Dinners out at V-Mertz, Biaggis, and Ponzu

Take out from R-taco

And a healthy amount of margaritas and vodka lemonades on the back patio. 

I also averaged 20K steps a day for the week and kicked my cardio up a notch by doing both bike rides and jogging while watching Master Chef. 

Today is a transition day.. back to reality this week and a mad scramble to get the next issue of The Good Life Review live as well as preparing for my next big adventure which is coming up hot! More on that later. For now, I’m lobbying for one last bike ride and brunch. 

If I had more time I’d at least write about some of the highlights of our “trip” like my first Elkhorn River tubing experience and my first dining experience at V~Mertz. Both were fantastic. I can honestly say that the meal I had at V~Mertz was the best meal I’ve ever had in Omaha. Just superb! If you’re ever on vacation in Omaha I’d highly recommend (both actually). 

As it is now though, my treadmill time is almost up. 

Cheers to enjoying the life you’re living! 

~Miss SugarCookie

2018-07-31 Contemplating Barcamp

Just another day in the semi-charmed life of Miss SugarCookie here. Last night the kids and I arrived home from our quick little road trip at about 7:15pm. My brain and body were too tired to drive much Of anything so I basically sank into my bed, had an hour long conversation with my sweetie, and then promptly fell asleep. I woke this AM after 8 and a half hours of sleep. It was delicious.

Today the kids go to their dads house and I’m going to kick things into high gear to try and catch up on some much needed work hours. I also ordered books for this semester and those should arrive this week and I have to get to reading. Of course I’ll have to balance all that out with exercise and spending QT with Jim and some friends in town from Texas.

Oh hey.. and here’s another thing going on this week which I am giving serious consideration to. Barcamp! What’s Barcamp? Well it really doesn’t have anything to do with bars or camping, unless you count the welcome party which IS at a bar the day before the conference (or … er… unconference).

Unconference? Yeah.. I’m not a fan of conferences. I think the only value I ever got out of any conference I’ve attended was the opportunity to travel. Don’t even get me started on conferences I’ve had to speak at. At my last job that was sort of part of my expected job duties. I absolutely hated it (public speaking about my product and having to socialize with people I barely know).

However, I don’t actually hate public speaking. It makes me nervous for sure, but I kind of like the rush. I’ve attended barcamp and watched other speakers for years and have often thought about signing up to do a talk myself. The Barcamp unconference is a venue where people in the area gather and some give “talks” about what they are passionate about. The presentations are 25 minutes each and there really aren’t any rules around what the topics are. There are 4 distinct tracks to try and categorize talks.. creative, technology, entrepreneurial, and kitchen sink. That last one is a free for all and the reason I say you can pretty much talk about whatever you want.

Anyway.. the event is early this year (August 4th – this Saturday!) at the Kaneko art space in downtown Omaha. That means if I’m going to finally pull the trigger and do a talk, I have about 4 days to figure that out. And by figure that out, what I mean to say is decide what my talk is about and actually put together some valuable content. And by valuable content what I mean is something that might be of use to other people and not just me getting up on a soapbox about something and shooting my mouth off. Though that could be entertaining too. 😂

In case anyone is in the Omaha area and has interest in attending, here’s a link.. https://barcampomaha.org/

We’ll see if I can come up with something or chicken out like every other year. 🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣 Oh the suspense.

But first… gotta get back to AWS and put some serious work hours in.

Time Will Always Tell,
~Miss SugarCookie

2017-06-16 Lot 2 – Delayed Review.. 2.5

This one kinda makes me a little sad. I remember when I first had the Lot 2 cheeseburger a couple of years ago and thought it was the bomb. Something about the sauce and the way it was cooked. It was juicy and tasty and the fries and mustard dip were also amazing. But when I had it this week (and it has been quite a while since I have been to Lot 2), it was disappointing.

I went with my friend Amy earlier this week after seeing a show in Benson and so it was late and there were not a lot of people there. Our waiter was good-looking, and nice, and helpful. He was also patient while we deliberated over what drinks to order from the cocktail menu. I ordered the one with vodka as the base, since I’m a vodka girl and the name of it was something so appropriate, like “My own complication”. I don’t remember, I’ll have to call and ask because I remember thinking “That is so me”.

Unfortunately, the waiter and the cocktails were the highlight and perhaps the kale salad coming in third. The salad was exactly how I had remembered and aside from having too many capers, it was pretty delicious. The cheeseburger, as I eluded to, was not good.

The first time it came out, it was extremely rare. So rare, infant, that the bottom bun was literally soggy and smashed down flat to the plate. Totally gross. Since we split it, the first thing we did was cut it down the middle and knew immediately it was undercooked. We had asked for medium. I remember that place sort of undercooking before, slightly. Sort of like asking for medium and getting medium rare, but this was totally off.

We had it sent back and asked for a re-do. This is something I “rarely” do. Haha. When it came out the second time, it was like they over-compensated and it was now over-cooked. Not feeling into a three-peat, we went for it. The flavor was OK, but not as good as I remember and the bun to burger ratio was too high. There were bites that were only bun. I don’t remember the cheese situation (and that should always be memorable) and the other toppings, including the sauce, were also not noteworthy.

The fries were still pretty good, but by the time we were having them, they were not hot any longer and kind of limp.

With 3 being the middle of the 5 point scale, I have to come under that on this one and go with 2.5. Again, very disappointing, and that is totally a reflection of the cheeseburger itself and not the experience as a whole. I would definitely go back for more cocktails, the steak and frites main course, and another chat with that waiter. 😃

Check Please,
~Miss SugarCookie

2017-02-26 Sushi Sunday + Sister Time = Winning

The day today started out pretty good despite waking up with a nasty headache and skipping Jazzercise because of that. I took some meds and elected to stay in bed. I worked a little bit on my main blog and the organization of some of the pages and content. Later in the AM I made a nice home-cooked breakfast for my kids and then showered and got all prettied up to go out for the afternoon with my sister, Jamie. The same sister whose dog I looked after last night.

First we went for Sushi (because duh, what else would you have on Sushi Sunday) and then she had tickets to go see Pink Martini at the Holland Arts Center. The general crowd was much older than us and it was a 2PM show. I had no expectations and was thoroughly delighted. Most of the music was fun and full of energy and the singers very animated and amusing. Many of the songs were in foreign languages so props to them for having such a diverse set and doing what appeared to be a stellar job with all the accents. The backup music for the afternoon set was the Omaha Symphony, so that was also a treat.

There was one song in particular that they did which was a little melancholy and kind of made me weepy. Some random lyric about slowing life down and laying in the grass to listen to it grow. I don’t know. Maybe it was the music and maybe it was the 3 Purple Kimonos I had at Hiro, but it just made me really sad. Like sometimes I want so much for time to hurry up because I just can’t wait to get to the next thing that I’m not really stopping to enjoy the moment I am in right now. I was thinking “hey, girl, you need to enjoy life – what else are you here for?”.

I did, of course, very much enjoy my sister date and it’s always good to catch up after we have not seen each other one-on-one for a while. She’s a pretty amazing person and though there are miles of minutes between us, she is the person I am closest to in my family.

I gave her the rundown about the finale of things between Matt and I (and yes, I was wearing the ring), and she let me in on details about planning her honeymoon and also the start of their search to find a house. After our date she drove me home and the rest of my Sunday was very uneventful.

At the present moment, I’m really feeling the affects of only having 4.5 hours of sleep last night and probably will not be able to do much more with this day. But all things considered, I did successfully stop and enjoy many moments and that equates to winning.

Love Ya Sis,
Miss SugarCookie