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  • 2022-12-21 Winter Solstice Status Update ❄️🥶❄️

    2022-12-21 Winter Solstice Status Update ❄️🥶❄️

    Yesterday I had a new random like on a post I wrote about a year ago. It’s surprisingly serendipitous because it’s all about New Year’s resolutions and goals.  I say serendipitous because I’ve been talking a lot lately about my personal  goals for December and just last night started to record a few extra things […]

  • 2019-04-29 Sushi Sunday Status Update

    That title? That’s wishful thinking. I’m really hoping to have Sushi today for lunch or dinner. I haven’t had it in a while. Things feel a little off but I guess that’s what happens when your whole life has changed. I haven’t done stats in a while and I know some things are not up […]

  • 2017-09-10 Sunday Status Update

    I have not done actual stats in a while and since things are taking a turn for the better, it’s a good time for it. How does this go again? Exercise… Step Count: 13K today Highest Day This Week: 24,118 Lowest Day This Week: 1926 😛 Seven Day Average: 15,595 28 Day Average: 17,693 Maybe […]

  • 2017-01-25 Status Update.. Bridget Jones Style

    Sleep: 8 hours and 51 minutes. Missed it by “that” much. Exercise: Who has time for that? (JK, I did some strength training, jogged a mile, and logged 12K+ steps). Work: 8 hours from home. Not too shabby. Diet: Oatmeal and apples and, oh yeah, that binge on crescent rolls stuffed with chocolate chips to […]