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  • 2021-05-11 All of This Is True.. Or Is It? 😉

    2021-05-11 All of This Is True.. Or Is It? 😉

    This morning I was listening to my “Gear Shifter” playlist—the one I curated with songs that are sure to pump me into a cardio machine mood. One of the songs that came up in the shuffle was Hoodie Allen’s “The Real Thing.”  The end of the song is a clip I have to believe is […]

  • 2017-11-13 The Truth About the Truth

    Today’s life lesson.. A person can be really confident they know a thing to be true and they can still be wrong. Fortunately I was wrong in a good way. When I was in Hawaii I started to get a tooth ache. That’s something I’ve never really experienced and I sort of dismissed it. Then […]

  • 2017-08-06 The Raw Truth About This Dating Thing

    This IS the organic blog about my life. That means it’s just raw and real and there are no additives and preservatives and no processing or editing. It’s just me. I just need to be real about this moment in my life. For one minute can I really just be exposed and not give a […]