2017-09-24 Happy Being Happy

I’m living day to day and focused on the details. I’m walking in a haze of bliss content to believe the universe will provide the answers. As if I’ll sleep to dream and somehow wake up knowing what I should do.

I’ve become comfortable not thinking about it. I’ve become happy placing my well-oiled, finely-tuned thinking machine on other tasks. The key word there.. happy.

I’m happy being happy and it’s been a long time since I’ve felt this way. I’m looking around me and life feels wonderful. I know life. I know how fickle emotions are and how all of life is a ride that goes up and down, so I just want to enjoy this while it lasts.

I want to enjoy the rain that’s coming down now to wash away the last trace of summer heat. I want to enjoy the deliciousness of the food that I’m having every day as a result of my work in the garden. I want to savor feeling cared for by another and the sweet affection from my children while it lasts. I want to continue to not worry about the future and just be content in this moment now. And so I will.

I’m going to sleep now, to the falling of that soft rain outside my window and perhaps when I wake, the answers I’m not seeking will have been bestowed upon me.

Always and Perhaps,
~Miss SugarCookie

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