2017-09-30 Another Satisfying Saturday

Today I had a little bit of anxiety when I woke up. Most of that was surrounding attending the wedding of my good friend Amy. I was mostly nervous about getting there on time and being with a bunch of total strangers. I suspected I would not know anyone there except the bride and the groom and I was right. Sitting in chairs during the ceremony is one thing, but mingling with folks at the reception was something quite different all-together. Simon was my +1, and he made the whole thing incredibly flawless. My gratitude is in abundance.

He’s so good talking with people and making connections and just carries himself with such confidence. I admire that. I can engage people in conversations fairly easily if I’m approached and we have some topic we can converse about, but you will rarely catch me just walking up to folks and introducing myself. I’ve done that when tipsy before, but typically I’m just hanging back to watch and see what happens wth everyone else.

The reception was fabulous. The people were good, the food was good, and there was music and dancing. I love, love, love dancing. Simon is also a good dancer, and that’s extra bonus points in my book. The whole ordeal lasted a lot longer than I originally thought (like 7 hours), after which we drove back to his house and just chatted about lots of stuff. That was also very nice.

It’s past 11PM now and I can barely keep my eyes open so I’m going to call it done for now.
Perhaps I’ll elaborate some more on all of this tomorrow.

Savor the Flavor,
~Miss SugarCookie

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