2021-01-06 Abbreviated Celebrations and Delayed Considerations

Monday night I finally ceremoniously graduated from the MFA program I’ve been engaged in for the past 3 years. It was a great experience. I watched, cried, and then popped briefly into the “library pub” zoom after to see who else might be on celebrating. As it turns out, very few people were and I basically listened in as they talked about the times, the change in academic curriculum fueled by recent events and the shift in focus. I didn’t have a ton to contribute as I’m not in the academic scene and the one relatable example I had in my experience is something I didn’t even think about until after I left the meeting. Such is life. 

After I left the meeting I had to get my crew and myself some food and so my focus shifted immediately to local needs and the celebration was short lived. . Such is life.

Yesterday I gifted myself with a down day. I did a few urgent things but otherwise stayed in my morning “lounge” clothes all day. I didn’t, walk, write, wear a bra, shower,  put on makeup, or start any new project or take on any chores outside of doing the dishes and collecting recycles and trash. I had minimal communication with people. Which is probably the best way for me to decompress, think, and relax. 

As I approached dinner time, having finished episode 5 of the season of the bachelor I’m binging right now, I made the dinners, and decided I would celebrate a little with a glass of wine. That glass turned into 2 or 3 and I subsequently had an early end to my evening. My people know that when I start sleep talking from a half supine position on the couch it’s time to get me to bed. 

It’s good to have people who know when to get you to bed, even if it’s only 9pm. I was still lucid enough to catch Jim taking video of me rambling and I’m sure that will be very entertaining to watch this evening. I’m sure he was disappointed that our celebration dissolved so quickly. It’s proof that one of my priorities this year will be to fix my sleep.

That’s another thing I gifted myself with not thinking about yesterday. The new year and resolutions, goals, measurements. But I did have a brief text with my accountability partner, T, and promised to pick up this week where we left off last year.

As we approached the holidays, things just started getting too busy and moving too fast, for us both I think. Time to recalibrate and regroup!

This is the first thing I began thinking about on my walk this morning. It’s not the first thing I wrote about obviously.. but it is something I want to get into with a quickness. 

Unfortunately, my kids and kittens and my husband who isn’t even here have other ideas. I suppose one of my main objectives is better life balance so it’s fitting I have to cut this walk and blog short. So much is being abbreviated because there’s not enough time. Such is life.

Next time, there WILL be resolution! 


~Miss SugarCookie


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